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Trick or Treat

Halloween is a big thing is this country. Knowing that I forced myself to go out although I didn’t really feel like it. I toured the neighborhood to watch the New York version of Trick or Treat and went downtown … Continue reading

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Queens Neighborhoods

Queens is easy. I apologize to all people living in Queens. But from the point of view of a visitor seeking neighborhoods worth staying in for a month it really seems easy to me. Apart from my several arrivals and … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Neighborhoods

A praise to Brooklyn! I first came to Brooklyn on Christmas Eve 1974 when German TV showed “A Tree grows in Brooklyn”. I was a little girl then and didn’t really understand what the movie was about but I liked … Continue reading

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Manhattan Neighborhoods

Manhattan hat lots of interesting and very diverse neighborhoods and I walked through most of them. Touristic ones like Midtown or the Financial District, trendy ones like Greenwich Village or Soho, unknown ones like Washington Heights, historic ones like the Lower … Continue reading

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