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Trick or Treat

Halloween is a big thing is this country. Knowing that I forced myself to go out although I didn’t really feel like it. I toured the neighborhood to watch the New York version of Trick or Treat and went downtown … Continue reading

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Last day at home

In 24 hours I will hopefully be in New York. Somewhere at JFK Airport probably, waiting for my suitcase or standing in line at immigration. My last day was relaxed. I did a last bit of cleaning, a last bit of … Continue reading

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Farewell to those left behind

Three days left… Last Tuesday I said Goodbye to my colleagues in the company. I had baked Brownies for a little get together. A lot of people came, asked me about my planned trip and wished me well. I got a huge greeting … Continue reading

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Travel Companions

It’s time to introduce my travel companions: Friederike has been a faithful travel companion for many years. We toured Costa Rica together, I almost forgot her on a bed in Morocco and of course she has been to New York before. The … Continue reading

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Falling into the void

I successfully booked the brownstone in Crown Heights for my third month. Probably the most adventurous place so far. So for now there is nothing more to plan! That’s a real challenge as well. What shall I do during those seven … Continue reading

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Being saved

I haven’t written for a while, at least no posts for this blog. Instead I wrote tons of e-mails to possible hosts. It was absolutely frustrating. Why can’t people who offer a room keep there calenders up to date and … Continue reading

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The challenge of finding accomodations

80 days til my departure and I’m still in search for a place to spend my first month in NYC. My particular plan after having done all my neighborhood research was to spend the first month in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the … Continue reading

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