Closing down

After three weeks back home I somehow found my way back into my life and feel quite comfortable with it. I am happy to see that I still feel pretty relaxed and still haven’t lost all of that creative energy I soaked up in New York.

Some things have changed others have not. I successfully started to reserve a part of every day for myself, for dealing with things I want to deal with. Like reading and writing. I try to get better in keeping in touch with people I met. I am still messy and probably will be for the rest of my life. But who cares. People who like me will have to accept that and I don’t have room for people who don’t like me.

I survived Christmas more or less on my own without getting depressed. I just tried to keep myself busy. Although I admit I was dreaming of a real Christmas – with a tree and presents and that smell and that peaceful feeling. But my mind was still so packed with other things, so I was not able to really develop that Christmas sense anyway.

Now the year is over and I have big plans for the new one. This is the moment to close this blog and say goodbye to all my readers. Thank you for following my adventure and for encouraging me by all those likes, comments and personal emails. I know that not every post was a great one, I know I could have done better, I admit that towards the end writing every day has become a duty, a chore sometimes. I will keep writing, but not online. I intend to write a memoir about my six months in New York. If it will become a bestseller and I will become a millionaire I can return to New York and stay there. And you can say “I know her. I used to read her blog…” 🙂

Happy New Year!

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3 Responses to Closing down

  1. Maeve Hilton says:

    Really enjoyed reading all your posts. What a wonderful experience. Wising you a great 2014.
    5W. Sarasota, Florida.

  2. Meredith says:

    Best wishes for success in anything you wish to achieve. I’ll miss your blogs.

  3. Kim says:

    Miss the routine of reading your blog first thing in the morning and learning something new about New York. I don’t really miss knowing how much you walked every day, as that only made me feel lazy!

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