First Day at Work

Today was my first day back in the office. I was welcomed very warmly by co-workers and bosses. Everybody asked questions. But somehow it felt weird.
There was no routine I just could pick up. I had forgotten my passwords as well as the procedures that I myself had designed in my former life. It’s a bit like having to learn everything from the scratch again.
When I tried to go home at 6 pm my computer started installing 92 updates.

During the week I unpacked my stuff, did five loads of laundry, ironed what needed ironing.
I rearranged my book shelve to make room for the newcomers.
I saved 3690 photos. 
I made mistakes on the subway and wondered why I had to wait ten minutes for a train and twenty for a bus.
I bought fir sprigs for a minimum of holiday atmosphere but did not manage to do anything with it yet. Christmas is 8 day ahead but so far away.
I tried to cook Chicken and Waffles and Mac and Cheese.
I did not manage to keep my forced New York habit to wash my dishes and clean the kitchen right after dinner.
I did not get an appointment with my hairdresser.
Some things are easy, others are difficult.

I thought about my book a lot and didn’t find a proper equivalent to “memoir” in German. What I did find was an article that called memoirs an American trend of talking about yourself.

After a week now I still don’t feel really at home in my old life.
I enjoyed meeting good friends.
I enjoyed the comfort of my bathtub.
I happily watched Lindenstrasse and Tatort. 
I miss my new friends.
I miss New York’s chaos.
I miss the creative energy in New York’s air.
I miss having the world outside my doorstep.
I miss the variety of food options.
I miss bagels.

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One Response to First Day at Work

  1. Meredith says:

    And I’ve missed you. I had grown accustomed to reading your blog each morning. Thanks for the update.

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