Last Move

My last move did not take me to another neighborhood. I stayed where I feel I would belong when I would live in Manhattan – on the Upper West Side – and just moved three blocks east and seven blocks south. However the neighborhood has a completely different face over here.

I am here now:

It was an easy move. I didn’t need any subway or bus but could just walk. Both buildings have elevators. So no carrying of luggage. Maureen, my new hostess, has a dog, Rosa. She barked at me when I arrived but soon was very friendly when I showed her that I like dogs. She as well has a husband who will be here until Tuesday, but I didn’t meet him yet.
After having unpacked what I will still need during my last week I went out to explore my new surroundings. I’m east of Broadway now, so I have other points of reference. I walked down Amsterdam Avenue until 71st Street, turned east to Central Park West, walked along Central Park West to 77th Street and up Columbus Avenue then. Amsterdam Avenue was pretty familiar already. I had a latte and a carrot muffin in an ugly bakery. I could have gone to Café Lalo again but I was looking for something new. I could have gone to Starbucks but their baked goods are boring, mass production. Amsterdam Avenue apparently is not so much a bakery place.
On Central Park West the stands set up for the Thanksgiving Parade were still standing. I passed the New York Historic Society and thought I should still go there. It looks interesting. When I reached Columbus Avenue it was dark already. I realized the Christmas decoration. I had not seen any around last week. Illuminated stars have been hung up and trees are wrapped in light like the ones in front of Café Lalo always are. When I left my old building a tree (plastic) had joined the Hanukkah table in the hall. And on the streets Christmas trees are sold now.

For dinner I chose Café Edgar where I had a kale salad – very healthy – and Penne al Vodka – very unhealthy – that didn’t taste like vodka at all. With my food I had a glass of kosher Argentinian Chardonnay that was close to horrible. While I was waiting for my food I tried to set up a schedule for my last week. It will be tight. Two museums and one opera (hopefully), the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center, Top of the Rock if there is a clear day after the tree is lit and maybe the United Nations Headquarters. Plus all those little errands that I could have long done, like buying small gifts. I decided not to buy any more food except for breakfast and eat out instead. Edgar Allen Poe watched me from the opposite wall when I was writing down my todos.

Last night Shoshannah had made dinner for me after I had spent most of the day catching up with my writing. We had a Korean vegetable soup, tuna sashimi and a tuna maki roll. She had prepared it all by herself. The fish was excellent. We had gone shopping together and I had contributed a bottle of wine – what else.

What I learned today:
I have to be alert not to waste any time now.

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2 Responses to Last Move

  1. Meredith says:

    I’ve just caught up with your last three posts. On Thanksgiving wine, I always like a nice Provençal rosé. It seems perfect with turkey.
    I’m feeling sad to think that you’ll be leaving NY and my daily visit to the big apple will be over.

    • Maria says:

      I’m sorry to bereave you of your daily visits to NY, Meredith, but such is life. Everything has an end. A new huge project is waiting to get started now – my book. I think working on it will take me back to New York a lot, mentally, but maybe even physically – who knows.

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