Winter in New York City

The cars out on West End Avenue got powder caps – snow has fallen this evening. During the day I was out and about in search of changes for the holiday season.

I started right here on the Upper West Side, at Lincoln Center. Nothing seasonal there. The square in front of the Met opera got colorful plastic figures instead.
Columbus Circle as well doesn’t wear any holiday dress. Central Park behind it lost its fall colors however. The leaves have almost completely fallen. I didn’t check out Wollman Rink. Not all can be done in one day.
nothing was going on at the tree. The rink was very busy. Towards 5th Avenue white angels have been set up.
??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????
I could not resist to stop at Anthropologie. They have gorgeous decorations in their windows and all around the shop. I fell in love with a wooden box of color pencils. On the cover the question “What would you attempt to do when you knew you could not fail?” was printed. I was tempted to buy it, because of the question. But what would I use the pencils for? The question kept me thinking the whole day.
Bryant Park was busy as well. I tried some food there, a lentil and pea chili, fried pickles and hot cider. The chili was nice, the pickles were ok. The ones we had in the bar in Gramercy were much better. The cider made me think why didn’t I have cider all the time during fall season?
Next stop was Herald Square – Macy’s. The windows are decorated, little lighted trees are sitting above the entrance. In front of the store something is in preparation. Trucks and tractors are waiting there.
??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????
Union Square is split. Christmas market in the south, farmers market in the north. At the latter one they sell turkey stuffing’s now, yarn and still pumpkins and squashes, apples and cranberries.
It was starting to get dark and the stalls at the farmers market were packing already. I didn’t check out the Christmas market. Too late to do that.
I walked over to 6th Avenue on 14th Street to catch an F train there. At Starbucks I tried the Salted Caramel Mocha. A mocha is a latte with chocolate. I tried it because in summer I had that awesome Salted Caramel Latte in that little coffee shop in Crown Heights on my way to the Subway on Franklin Avenue. No comparison. No need to get Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbucks. I’ll stay with Pumpkin Spice Latte.
The F train didn’t come for a while – as usual – and was awfully packed then. My destination was Roosevelt Island to take the aerial train back to Manhattan in the dark. It was nice to hover into the illuminated city and to have a glimpse into people’s apartments in the towers of Midtown East.
Last I checked out the holiday decoration at Bloomingdale’s. Their windows show greetings from different countries, like Great Britain, France, Italy and China. I didn’t see Germany but I didn’t walk all around the building.
??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

From there I got home and stopped at Westside Market to get some vegetables and cheese for dinner. Shortly after I got home it started to snow.

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