A Second Chance for MoMa

It was Friday and Friday offers Free Friday Night at MoMa. I gave it a second chance today, thinking Friday Nights in late November might be less crowded than in July.

That was true. I arrived after 5 pm and there was no line. I just could walk in and pick up a free ticket. There were a lot of people still, but indeed it had been worse in summer. A lot of German was spoken. I said hello to the Hoppers in the American Modern exhibition, had a look at American Photography and then went up to see Paintings and Sculptures in the permanent collection again.
I started with the more modern one on the 4th floor. There I didn’t spend much time however. Emptiness still doesn’t speak to me. Chaos neither.
More appealing to me – but I had seen it already – was the 5th floor, where artwork from 1880-1940 is displayed. Monet’s waterlilies are simply amazing. My today’s favorite was George Braque’s Hommage to J.S.Bach.
Again I was annoyed by these people who just walk through the galleries to take photos and have their photos taken. They were just not that bothering today because there were less of them.
Having finished the 5th floor I almost automatically got in a line. It was for a Magritte exhibition on the 6th floor. Only a certain number of people was allowed into the elevator. There were three elevator loads before me. Upstairs there was another line because only a certain number of people was allowed into the exhibition. No photography – good! The exhibition was quite interestig although I don’t like all of Magritte’s work. But there was quite a lot that is impressive.

Having finished my visit to modern art I walked over to Rockefeller Center to see what was happening at the Christmas Tree. It is still surrounded by a scaffolding and partly decorated by now. 12 days left until lightning. The ice rink was busy.

What I learned today:
That’s a secret 🙂

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