Suburban Sunday Life

There are lots of outlet malls on Long Island. That’s where families from Queens like to spend their Sundays. Soh Ang as well wanted to go shopping this Sunday, so we drove to one of those malls and I got an impression of suburban Sunday life.

The one we went to is like our outlet malls. Or probably it is the other way round. We copied them, so ours look like the ones here. There is a huge parking and outlet stores and fast food places are arranged on Streets with Italian names, like Venezia Street. Soh Ang and I browsed through the well-known clothes stores like Calvin Klein, Ann Taylor and Banana Republic, shoe places and handbag stores. I bought a wallet from Kate Spade. Totally unreasonable but I liked it, it is very New York and it was a pretty good deal. We finished with a Pumpkin Spice Latte and drove back to Jamaica to have tuna sandwiches for lunch.
Later in the afternoon Soh Ang took me down to Hillside Avenue to look for an Indian tunic and to buy vegetables. There are lots of sari shops but I didn’t find what I have in mind. We will go back to Jackson Heights tomorrow where there are larger Indian clothes stores.

For dinner Soh Ang’s husband prepared T-bone steaks from the barbecue. Very American. Soh Ang made a salad and I contributed pancake soup. The dogs will have the bones for breakfast.

What I learned today:
Outlet shopping in America is like outlet shopping in Germany. The only difference is that they do it on Sundays.

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