Moving to Jamaica

Leaving Astoria was not easy as it implied saying goodbye to Noel and Rachel. But new homes were waiting for me. The next one has been my friend Soh Ang’s house in Jamaica, Queens – not the Caribbean island. I moved there on Friday, to spend four days in suburbia.

The day went by with packing, writing and some communication after a last breakfast chat with Rachel. At 4:30 pm I walked to the subway with a suitcase that has not been that light ever on my trip. Thanks to Soh Ang and her husband who had collected part of my luggage during the week already. I took the M train to Forest Hills and the F to 169th Street. There I waited for Soh Ang who was coming from Manhattan.
We walked to her house and I moved into her daughter’s room. After I had arranged myself we did what we always do: go out for dinner. Soh Ang had found a Peruvian restaurant in her neighborhood and suggested to try it. From outside it didn’t look very inviting, but we gave it a chance. Good we did so, it was a positive surprise! A very nice woman who runs the place with her husband kindly explained Peruvian specialties to us. We finally shared Ceviche and Lomo Saltado. The Ceviche was slightly spicy and the fish was well infused with lemon. It came with two salsas, a dangerously hot red one and a mild green one, made from peppers. We could have eaten much more of it. It was so good. Lomo Saltado is sliced beef with onions and tomatoes in a gravy on fries, served with rice. It was tender and very tasty. With the food I had a purple corn drink that the woman recommended as very typical Peruvian. It was refreshing and fruity, but not sweet. Very nice.
After dinner we walked home and had Apple Pie from Zabar’s for dessert. Soh Ang’s husband had opened a bottle of Merlot for me. We talked until we got tired and I fell into a comfortable bed with no less than four pillows.

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