A Saturday on Long Island

I had asked Soh Ang to go to Long Island one day this weekend and she had suggested to take me to Greenport, a little town on the north fork of Long Island. I agreed. But of course I googled Long Island to find out what might be interesting on our way to Greenport. I found route 25A, that runs close to the north shore all the way through Long Island and is considered a scenic route.

Soh Ang planned to take the freeway straight to Greenport for both ways. I could not resist suggesting to take the longer and slower but scenic route 25A on our way to Greenport and take the freeway back. Soh Ang did not like the idea at first because it would take us much longer and she did not know how to get there. I could persuade her to rely on my sense of directions though and she finally agreed. It turned out to be a good idea and once we were driving on 25A Soh Ang liked it. We came through still pretty colorful fall sceneries and cute little towns that reminded me of New England. Even the McDonalds there are unusually nice and almost look like country houses. Once in a while the road came close to the Long Island sound and we passed a harbor where an army of white boats was waiting for next summer.
Marylin, Soh Ang’s GPS, was annoying. All the time she wanted to reroute us to the freeway and even when we arrived on the north fork she insisted on taking another road. We lost our way just once and arrived in Greenport after about 3 hours. It was late for lunch but we both felt pretty hungry. We walked to the harbor to check out fish places. But the lobster and clam shacks were closed for winter already and the restaurants were expensive.
As we didn’t spend much time on looking for a nice place we ended up in a simple diner in the town center because we spotted lobster bisque on their menu. We both had a bowl of it, Soh Ang had fish and chips and I had a meatloaf sandwich. The lobster bisque tasted like lobster at least but we didn’t find much lobster in it. Soh Ang’s fish was fresh but coated with too much batter. My meatloaf was homemade but not very interesting. Two slices of meatloaf on one half of a big roll, lettuce and tomatoes on the other. Both dishes were served with chips, not fries. The chips were good though.
After our lunch we set out for a walk through Greenport. We found the historic carrousel. Soh Ang remembered it completely different that it looked now. It had been restored a couple of years ago and was set in a glass house now.
We walked through the little harbor, checked out shops and tasted local wine.
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We had a latte and an apple bread pudding in one of these little cafés that can only be found in towns like Greenport, Long Island. The apple bread pudding had the shape of a muffin, a dough somewhere between bread and cake and an apple filling. It tasted like the end of fall or the beginning of the holiday season. I could have eaten five of them.
We walked back to the car in the upcoming of dusk, taking a little detour to the water.
Finally we agreed to Marylin’s route home, along the freeway.

Soh Ang’s husband had prepared Sri Lankan curries for dinner. We had a spicy fish curry, a mild chicken curry, dal, red rice and roti. I really enjoyed it but it was plenty of food and I felt pretty stuffed after dinner.

What I learned today:
Long Island looks like New England, cozy and cute.

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One Response to A Saturday on Long Island

  1. Soh Ang says:

    I am glad you persuaded me to take the longer route as I get to see the little towns along the way; definitely going back to check out Cold Spring Harbor and Port Jefferson next spring/summer.

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