A Sense of an Ending

Today I did the first “last” and tomorrow I will do the next. It is last time now. I guess I did some “lasts” already without having been aware of it.

Before I took the train to the Lower East Side to meet Meredith at the Tenement Museum I paid my last phone bill in the Metro PCS shop on Steinway Street. I asked the girl if I can use my phone back in Europe. Depends on the phone, she said, if it has a SIM card, it can be unlocked. I showed her my phone and she waved me off. My phone apparently does not have a SIM card. I would have liked to get more detailed information. Doesn’t every phone have a SIM card? But she didn’t want to talk to me because she was speaking to her boyfriend on the phone. Or to somebody else whom she needed to explain when she would get home.
Tomorrow I will fill up my Metrocard with 30 more days for the last time. Although there are not even 30 more days to use it.

At the Tenement Museum I looked for things to take home but the shop is currently running out of supplies. The postcards I wanted were not available and just two packets of magnets that both had been opened already. I didn’t want these.
Meredith had brought her luggage to be able to go right to the airport. It was a half empty little backpack the size of mine. I got jealous. Why can’t I travel like this? Why do I always need big suitcases?
We walked to Chinatown and had a late Dim Sum lunch at Nom Wah Tea Parlor with a nice pot of hot Chrysanthemum tea. We enjoyed shrimp and chive dumplings, pork Sui Mai, cilantro and scallion rice rolls, stuffed eggplant and the big pork bun.
Meredith wanted to be at JFK by 7 pm, so we still had plenty of time. I suggested a walk to SoHo and she could then catch either subway to JFK from West 4 Street. So we walked through Chinatown and what is left of Little Italy into SoHo and on to Greenwich Village. There we took an E train together and I got off at Queens Plaza to catch any train to Steinway Street while Meredith traveled to the airport before the rush hour would pack the trains.

It was freezing cold again, but other than yesterday we had a clear blue sky today and the nasty wind had stopped. I was wearing some more layers and a thicker scarf, so I could stand it better today. But I don’t need this. When I got home I felt like I wanted to be a bear and get my winter sleep. And I didn’t want to go out again, to eat. I should have bought something on my way home. So I spent hours on thinking about how to get something to eat without having to go out. My supplies are almost used up. I still have a piece of salami, but no bread, pasta, but nothing to have with it. Apparently I haven’t become a real New Yorker. Otherwise I would simply have ordered in.
But I went to the supermarket finally and bought meatballs to have with Spaghetti and a crunchy vegetable salad. The meatballs were by far not as good as the ones I brought from Zabar’s. I felt like a bottle of red wine, but I wouldn’t be able to finish it as I will not be home tomorrow and will move out on Friday. So I went to the bodega again, where I am greeted very friendly by now, and got my usual two bottles of Brooklyn Oktoberfest. I know it is November already, but it still is good.

What I learned today:
I want to be a bear.

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