The Glass Menagerie

Why didn’t I start going to theaters earlier? I don’t find an answer to that question. Tonight I saw The Glass Menagerie and again it was a great show.

Tennessee Williams’s first successful play is shown on Broadway, in the Booth Theater. The theater is one of the smaller Broadway theaters – with 783 seats – and is a venue for plays, not for musicals. I got a half-price ticket at TKTS for a seat in the  second row of the Mezzanine and had a good view from there. The performance was awesome. Everything was great. The actors, the production, the stage setting.  It made me want to see more. It was not spectacular and it was not exactly  modern or postmodern. The stage setting was simple but not minimalistic. There  was a dining room, shown by a dining table and chairs, a living room, shown by  not much more than a sofa and there was a fire escape. The actors wore clothes  people might have worn at the time the play was set in. I’m not familiar enough with the theater scene in New York, but at home a production like this would be
unusual, would be regarded too classic.I loved it.

Next will be the Lion King. I checked for tickets today – affordable tickets are available at the box office. Maybe I’ll add Mamma Mia. And I should see at least one play Off Off Broadway. I still have a bit more than a month…

For lunch today I got an eggplant parm sandwich from Sorriso, the Italian market on 30th Avenue. Soh Ang had sent me a link with recommended eggplant parm places in Queens. Sorriso was among them and as it close to my place I tried it out instantly. The place will haunt me now as long as I am in Astoria. The friendly and funny guy offered me a sample of homemade sweet red wine sopressata while I waited for my sandwich. I want to try everything in that place. Everything! All those antipasti, more sausages, the freshly made mozzarella. It is heaven.
My sandwich was huge then – my first hero – and came hot. “I hope you are hungry”, he said when he handed me the brown bag. I only managed to eat half of it then, the second half is waiting in the fridge. It was just like the place – heaven.

On my way to Manhattan I bought a pair of gloves on Steinway Street. White thin ones with touchscreen compatible fingers. I’m curious if that works.

After I had bought the ticket on Times Square I strolled through the Theater District in the dusk. Lights were going on, restaurants were preparing for pre-theater dinner guests. I found Schmackary’s, a cookie bakery on 45th Street and had a café au lait and a Maple Bacon Cookie there. The cookie was larger than my palm and delicious. Maple and Bacon are a perfect harmony and salted caramel makes it special. I’d say it was my best cookie ever. Need a recipe for that stuff.
Then I walked up and down 9th Avenue, studying the restaurant scene. It is amazing, almost every place there is a restaurant or bar. Italian, Thai, Indian, Afghan, Greek, Turkish, Mexican, American. It’s all there and I sure I forgot some cuisines. Eating on 9th Avenue could fill a book.

On my way home from the show I finally saw the naked cowboy with his white guitar on Times Square. And once more I made my favorite subway mistake and ended up on the wrong platform, downtown instead of uptown. This time at 49th Street, a station without a 24-hour booth. So I could not ask for help. All I could do was either wait or walk to the next station. I decided to walk 8 blocks north on 7th Avenue. At 57th Street I could get in.

What I learned today:
I want to see more theater performances.

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