A Cold Sunday in Manhattan

When I thought about what to do with that Sunday I remembered the New York Marathon. Would Manhattan be accessible at all? Noel informed me about the course. Everything south of Central Park should be no problem. When I left Astoria the winner had long passed the goal. I decided to stop at Central Park, to get a glimpse of the run or what was left of it.

I got out of the subway at 59th Street – 5th Avenue at Central Park South. There were still people running and still people watching and cheering.
It was not possible to get across Central Park South, so I was kind of trapped in Central Park. I walked towards Wollman Rink to see if it was prepared for the ice skating season yet. It was and there were even people skating. Not many though.
The surroundings didn’t make me think of winter yet. Central Park’s leaves were still pretty colorful.
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But it was cold, really icy cold. I didn’t wear my winter coat and not a proper scarf because it had been warm yesterday. And I still hadn’t bought a pair of gloves.
Getting out of Central Park again required taking the subway. Funny! I took a train over to 7th Avenue and got off at 57th Street to catch the E towards 14th Street and 8th Avenue for a visit to Chelsea Market and a short walk on the High Line. In Chelsea Market I could warm up with a coffee and a Brownie from the Fat Witch Bakery. I browsed through a couple of shops and finally got out on the High Line. There again it was more than chilly.
So at 23nd Street I left and zigzagged into Chelsea over to 6th Avenue to look for gloves. Unsuccessfully though. All gloves I found either didn’t feel good, were not long enough (I would get cold wrists) or were overpriced. The search will go on.

What I learned today:
Temperatures can change significantly from one day to the next.

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