Tacos in the Garage

Soh Ang and I had planned window shopping in SoHo for this Saturday and we thought it would be a good idea to start with some food in that funny Mexican place I had come across in Nolita. It proved to be a great idea. Food is good and the place is fun and art alike.

Getting to SoHo this Saturday morning was tricky. I had told Soh Ang to meet up at Broadway / Lafayette – thinking this would be pretty easy for both of us. The F train from Jamaica stops there and the M from Astoria as well. Then Rachel told me that the M is not running on weekends. I would need to take the R to Queens Plaza, the E to West 4 Street and the F from there. Not as easy. When I arrived at Steinway Street station I found the stairs to the Manhattan bound platform taped off. What was going on? At the 24 hour booth I found a handwritten paper telling me that there are no Manhattan bound trains from this station this whole weekend. “Take the R to Jackson Heights and a Manhattan bound train from there” was the recommendation. I didn’t like this suggestion and walked over to the N/Q at Broadway instead to transfer to the 6 at 59th Street. There a 6 train was just leaving when I arrived at the platform. The electronic board showed the next 6 in 8 minutes and a 4 in 3 minutes. I hurried downstairs to the express platform, caught the 4 and could transfer to the 6 I had just missed at Union Square. That one finally brought me to my destination, just pretty much later than I wanted to be there.
Soh Ang was waiting already. Her F train as well had not been running as it was supposed to but at least it had run. We strolled through the side streets of Nolita – North of Little Italy – where we found artfully decorated buildings and crooked squashes. Finally we got to Elizabeth Street and found a table at Tacombi, the garage with the VW bus serving tacos and other Mexican food. Everything looks shabby there but cutely shabby not ugly shabby.
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I ordered an Horchata and the waiter suggested to have it with rum because it was Saturday. It didn’t need much effort to persuade me – he should just have told me that the rum would triple the price. We shared a small helping of ceviche on a taco, a plate of Chilaquiles Verdes and two tacos, one with seared fish and one with mole chicken. The Chilaquiles Verdes proved to be nachos with cottage cheese and cilantro sauce and eggs on it. All our food was quite nice and even Soh Ang, who had told me she thought she didn’t like Mexican food, enjoyed it.
We then started our window shopping tour on Prince Street and had a look at the jewelry at the stalls between Mott and Mulberry Streets. I found a little amulet with a smashed clock on it. Nothing special, but cute. Over in SoHo we shared a lime and coconut cupcake for dessert at that stall with all the tempting cupcakes where I had gotten weak before. In front of the Apple Store the guy with the crocheted hats again caught my attraction. I tried on the very same hat I had tried on before. Today it looked better on my head. Soh Ang bargained for me and I got it. Next we found another jewelry table where we had a nice chat with the vendor and the artist and both ended up buying a handmade ring. We strolled along West Broadway then, admiring some artwork sold on the street and checked out Antropologie. They have Christmas trees in the store now, decorated with cute dolls and animals and more stuff. The leopard dress was still there. I showed it to Soh Ang who said it would just be good for one season. That’s right and a reasonable point of view. But I still found it nice. But I had already tried it on and seen that I should not wear it.
After finding a bank – I had run out of cash – and having browsed through Pearl River Mart we felt like a coffee the more so as it had started drizzling. The line at Starbucks – for Pumpkin Spice Latte – was long. Soh Ang suggested to go to Bloomingdales instead. I had a Chai Latte there that was not the best one. There was this girl on top of the line at the coffee counter who was busy tapping here phone with her stylishly manicured long nails and completely ignored the guy who had to repeat “next guest please” three times until she was willing to interrupt her task. I guess I would not have been as patient.

At home Rachel and Noel were busy reorganizing their living room after the red couch had been sold that afternoon. There is much more room now.
We spent the evening together sitting on the remaining black couch, which now had taken the placeof the red Couch and served as the TV couch and watched some episodes of Mr. Bean and then the movie “Bridesmaids”. Both was great fun. The movie was really amazing.

What I learned today:
Check subway transport before going somewhere – can save a lot of time

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