The Museum of the Moving Image

Astoria hosts the American Museum of the Moving Image. It is located in one of the buildings of the Kaufman Studios, New York’s premier film and TV production site and the largest stage east of Hollywood. Sesame Street for example is produced there.

On Friday afternoons the museum offers free admission and is open until 8 pm. I went there in the late afternoon after having slept far into the morning after our Halloween or pumpkin night.
The museum shows the technical and creative process of making movies and TV shows and how it developed and changed in time. They have a huge collection of artifacts like cameras and other technical equipment, photos, costumes, models and documents of movies and TV shows produced in Astoria.

When I left the museum it was dark already. I walked over to the elevated train on 31st Street to get to Astoria Boulevard and finally get the Pizza I couldn’t have on Wednesday because the apparently only not takeout-style pizzeria was closed. The southern part of Astoria around Kaufman Studios was unknown to me so far but I should come back another day. There is more Latin America around. I passed a Brazilian market and a Venezuelan restaurant serving varieties of Arepas. Something more to try out.

The fact that it was completely dark already after just a museum visit told me that I should try to start my days a lttle bit earlier again. Not at 4pm. I have not much more than five weeks left.  I should use them properly.

The pizza place, Basil Brick Oven Pizza, was busy. They had been on TV just yesterday. The couple at the table next to me asked me if I as well had come because of the review. The place looks cozy, having exposed brick walls and dark wooden tables and chairs. Paper placemats explain Italy. The menu is extensive. There are two pages of pizza varieties as well as appetizers, salads, pasta, meat and fish. I had a Pizza Finocchiona with fennel, hot sausage and Mozzarella and a glass of Montepulciano. The pizza was delicious. I loved the combination of the spicy sausage and the slightly sweet fennel. Both pizza and wine were reasonably priced.

After that dinner I walked home, avoiding the dark streets of unknown northern Astoria. I stayed on the well-lit main streets although it was not the shortest way. But I heard Soh Ang telling me not to walk ill lit streets at night and followed her advice.

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