Pickle Day

It was Pickle Day on Orchard Street. After yesterday’s fried pickles I was eager to see what else might be interesting in New York’s pickle assortment. But at first there was other food to deal with.

When I got up three hours after I had ignored my alarm clock, which I had set to write something about yesterday’s food adventures, I found Noel and Rachel in the kitchen preparing breakfast. A breakfast I was invited to share. They had announced fried green tomatoes but on the plates I found cantaloupe pieces wrapped in prosciutto already, asparagus and eggs were waiting on the table. The green tomatoes were already sliced, the batter was ready and oil for frying just got hot on the stove. I helped “snapping” the asparagus. They do not peel it but just bend it until it breaks at the very spot it is meant to break to not have hard skin.
When our breakfast was ready our plates were filled with asparagus and poached eggs on fried green tomatoes next to the cantaloupes. I think I never had a breakfast like this. It was unusual but absolutely delicious.

After that initial meal I finally wrote yesterday’s post and got ready to go for pickles.
The M train is not running on Sundays so going to the Lower East Side from Astoria is a bit more complicated and takes a bit more time. Pickle Day took place on the northern part of Orchard Street.
When I got there I saw not much more than a crowd. Masses of people gathered around the stalls where pickle vendors offered samples. I got a half-sour pickle at a stall where everything else was sold out already and a handful of pickles and sauerkraut at Guss’ pickles. My favorite pickles I found at the stall of Brooklyn Brine: Spicy Maple Bourbon. Maple syrup adds a very special slightly sweet note to the pickles. They were gorgeous.
One stall sold little cupcakes. The daily special, Dill Pickle Cupcakes, were sold out already. I would have loved to try them. So instead I – once more – had my last ice cream sandwich. It was pumpkin pie ice cream between molasses cookies, the fall flavor.

As it was so crowded I did not spend much time at the pickle day. On my way home I got off the Q train at 36th Avenue and walked home from there. I strolled through 33rd Street, that is mainly lined by what I call “Astoria houses”. Brick houses with a little fromt balcony and a garage underneath.
On Broadway I found a Colombian restaurant I should go to and on 31st Avenue a cute little place called Brick Café. On 30th Avenue I bought small eggplants for my dinner and some fruit and went home to finally finish today’s work.

What I learned today:
Breakfast does not have to be cereals and bread. Be creative!

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