Peter and the Starcatcher

This morning Noel’s father asked me if I would like to join them tonight for a show, Peter and the Starcatcher. I didn’t know anything about it but what they told me sounded good. Prior to the show we would go for oysters on Happy Hour. So I said yes. And this was a good decision.

We met at Noel’s office on the 32nd floor of a Midtown building. From there we took the subway down to Greenwich Village and went to the Mermaid Oyster Bar on MacDougal Street. The classic there on Friday nights are oysters for a dollar during Happy Hour. We had the choice between east coast and west coast oysters. Noel knowledgably chose east coast oysters. We had two plates of two dozens of them and they were really fresh and just tasted like the sea. Why didn’t I go for oysters earlier? Why not every Friday? It is a big thing in New York.
We as well had tiny butternut squash soups, French fries and shared the fish of the day. The butternut squash soup was seasoned with something we identified as probably cardamom after thinking about some other spices. This gave us the idea to write little cookbooks on spices. One per spice. We would travel around the world and collect recipes. Blend them with travel experiences and stories. Just need a sponsor for that.

Peter and the Star Catcher is performed off Broadway at New World Stages in Hell’s Kitchen. When we walked there from the subway at 50th Street I realized that I never really had explored this part if Midtown. I had done a walk through Hell’s Kitchen, but that was further west, beyond 9th Avenue. The whole theater district still deserves a closer look. The theater is a smaller one and it is simply cute. An old fashioned red velvet curtain frames the stage. The show was stunning and funny. New Yorkers would call it awesome. A real theater experience and with theater insiders it is even better. The story is the prequel to Peter Pan and tells how a nameless boy becomes Peter Pan with the help of Molly, the daughter of a famous starcatcher. There is no modern machinery used on stage. People are doors, ropes form waves moved by actors, people fly by being lifted on a ladder, birds are plastic gloves waved by actors. It was very well done in all aspects.

I had spent a great deal of the day on searching a new place to stay before we went out. Still couldn’t fix anything but after giving up the idea of spending the whole month at one place as I did the months before and thinking about splitting it there seem to be some possibilities.
As well I started thinking about what I will take home from my stay here. Mentally, not in the shape of books or clothes. Rachel insisted on that I for sure will go back to my normal life with a different point of view and that I will give assets that are important to me more room in my life.

What I learned today:
There is more to see in Midtown and I definitely should go to some more shows.

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