Chinese Lobster Dinner

Soh Ang and I had dinner at Congee Village, a Chinese restaurant on the Lower East Side. We went there to have lobster. The lobster was not boiled or steamed but sauteed and served on a bed of ginger and scallions. Unusual but tasty.
We as well had a chicken dish with rice and mushrooms in a wooden box and what should have been soup dumplings. There was no soup in them though because it all came out when we picked them out of the bamboo basket.
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Before we met I took another tour at the Tenement Museum – Irish Outsiders – and had a beer at the Grey Lady right next to the museum while I waited for Soh Ang. That’ a nice place to have a beer. Not just men are sitting at the bar.

When I got home at night we got talking and talked until midnight, so I didn’t find time to write a proper post. In the morning I was busy with room search, so no time again. Now I am just in between a quick lunch and getting out with Rachel to meet Noel and her father for Oysters and a show. Busy times!

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