Food Writing

Still in search of my personal writing path and to support one of my particular ideas I had signed up on a one-day food writing class with Gotham Writers Workshop for today.

Food writing covers a lot of types. There are food related memoirs, like Julie Powell’s bestseller “Julie and Julia”, articles, reviews, blogs and cookbooks, just to mention the most important ones. I don’t want to write articles or reviews but food memoirs and cookbooks definitely attract me and why not blog about food.
We were 12 students – 11 women and one man, food professionals as well as food lovers. Our teacher, an experienced food writer, was very good at critiquing our work by giving suggestions how to improve it and she was exceptionally good in encouraging us to pursue our ideas or projects.
It didn’t surprise me that food writing of course follows the general rules of writing. More important than elsewhere is to use all senses for describing food. That makes perfect sense to me. If a dish is “delicious” a reader may know that I liked it but he does not know what it tasted like. I know I need to get much better on that. I promise to practice.
Interesting for me was a well what she said about blogs. My conclusion is that my blog, this blog, is not really a blog. A blog should not be written as a journal and a post should not have more than 100 words. Two rules I definitely break here. But given the fact that I started this blog to share my adventure with my friends, it had another purpose than classic blogs. Maybe I should call it online journal. Should I ever start a real blog (why not?) I will do it in a different way. Maybe I should take a class on blogging first.

The class took place in a building on Broadway close to Times Square. That gave me the chance to see Times Square on a Saturday morning at 10 am. It is quieter then, but Mickey Mouse and his friends are already around to be photographed for tips and a couple of tour vendors as well.

After class I made a short trip to the Upper West Side – just one stop on the 2 or 3 train – to stock up on groceries at Trader Joe’s. Again there was an incredibly long line but with 29 open registers it was moving fast. I bought basics like pasta, couscous, eggs and cheese and got a seasonal granola – pumpkin spice, what else.
On my way home I picked up a purple broccoli and a bottle of wine and made Orecchiette con broccoli for dinner. Somehow it didn’t get the right taste though. I hadn’t used anchovies, but it definitely can be done without.

What I learned today:
Food writing is an interesting field for me and I should learn more about blogging.

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2 Responses to Food Writing

  1. Kathrin says:

    How very interesting, dear Maria, writing about food – I would like to do that as it trains all our senses – sight, smell, touch, (ripe pear) hear (sizzling) ….
    If you are looking for somebody who would like to ping-pong write with you about food, let me know.

    Best wishes

  2. Meredith says:

    I’m awaiting more about food writing. And about blog writing. If a blog should only have 100 words, all the ones I read (and the one I write) must be something other than blogs. Anyway, your ‘online journal’ is the first thing I read with my morning coffee.

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