Strolling Through SoHo

I have been in NYC for more than four months now and have not been to SoHo yet. Can that be? I have been there occasionally. My Broadway walk for example took me through SoHo. But I did not spend time there. Today I felt like a day in the city, so I finally went to SoHo.

I caught a M train at Steinway station and got off at Broadway – Lafayette. That’s in NoLIta – North of Little Italy. There I wanted to check out what I thought is a Mexican food truck on Elizabeth Street. It was not a truck though but a whole yard with a minibus and seating. Kind of restaurant, serving tacos and stuff. A walking tour had just stopped there when I arrived. So I would have to wait or a table. As I’m not good at waiting I postponed eating there to whenever.
Elizabeth Street is full of little creative shops. Arts, fashion, design. I walked south and turned into Prince Street. There, right next to McNally Jackson bookstore is MacBar, a little food place all about Mac and Cheese. There I had a classic, that’s just pasta and American cheese, lots of the latter one. Was ok, but I should have taken one of the creative varieties, like with duck and just a small portion.
Prince Street is still what it used to be – lined by more or less creative stalls selling everything from romper suit, knitted hats, art books to art.
And there is Angelique’s café, a booth selling a huge variety of cupcakes. I had café brulee and it was delicious.
I walked over to West Broadway and walked all the streets between Prince and Broome Streets, Wooster, Greene and Mercer, one up, one down. On the corner of West Broadway and Broome I spent some time in Anthropologie, a great shop for unusual clothes and cute home ware. I tried to memorize bed decorations and almost fell in love with a knitted dress in leopard design.
SoHo hasn’t changed. It is still all arts and fashion in those great cast iron buildings. Shops come and go, but they are chic and mostly expensive. It’s just nice to stroll through its streets for window shopping.
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On Fridays the Morgan Library offers free admission from 7 pm. When I arrived there at 6:45 a lot of people were already waiting outside. In the hall two young musicians played strings and people sat around with a drink. The library currently has an exhibition about Edgar Allen Poe, whom I – unbelievable – haven’t read yet. I definitely should.
Besides the exhibition I went into the Original Library and Pierpont Morgan’s study.
And I saw another exhibition about the Man Booker Prize. On display are all books that won the Booker Prize since 1969. I was counting how many I have read. Just two: “The God of Small Things” and “The Inheritance of Loss”. Two Indian authors – interesting. I remember I loved the colorful images. I own three more winning books that I haven’t read yet. I should definitely have more time to read.

What I learned today:
Nothing really – to be honest. I just enjoyed.

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