The wicked witch of the west is dead. That’s how “Wicked“ begins. But how did Elphaba become a wicked witch? And what had Glinda the Good to do with it? That’s what the story is about. The performance was spectacular. Absolutely worth every dollar spent on it. Not so the green cocktails. They were quite watery and for that a bit overprized.

I met René outside Gershwin Theater. He had the seen to the tickets – and he even brought them. Our seats were at the side but we could see everything. It was more or less sold out, even after ten years. I felt overdressed in my white dress, blazer and silk scarf. People go to Broadway shows pretty casual.
The story: Elphaba, the daughter of the governor of the Munchkins in the land of Oz is born green. When she comes to school just to see to her sister who is tied to a wheelchair everybody dislikes her. She meets the beautiful Galinda, who is everybody’s darling. Elphaba is called to the Wizard of Oz and she takes Galinda with her. They are to become witches. Glinda becomes the good witch of the south, Elphaba the wicked witch of the west. Dorothy and her friends (from The Wizard of Oz) get into the story when Dorothy’s house kills Elphaba’s sister. I don’t want to reveal more. Go and see it if you have the chance!

I left Quincy in the morning and took a bus to New York at 9:30 am. Kim brought me to the bus terminal. The bus left and arrived on time. It got into New York via the Bronx and Queens. The bus stop is next to Penn Station, not at Port Authority. To get to my new place in Astoria then was not so easy. I walked to Herald Square to catch an R train there. It would have been easier to take the E right at 8th Avenue and transfer to the R in Queens but I didn’t see that. At Herald Square I didn’t find the elevator. I had to refill my Metro card. The R didn’t come. At Steinway Street I took the wrong exit. So it was past 3 pm when I finally arrived.

Now I am here: https://www.airbnb.de/rooms/242479
Both my new hostesses, Noel and Rachel were at home and welcomed me. Rachel left for work, noel took me around the Apartment. I unpacked and set off to a little walk to get a coffee and some cash. Then I already had to dress and leave for the show.

What I learned today:
So much happened before Dorothy popped in.

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2 Responses to Wicked

  1. Sadie DeSimone says:

    Attagirl! Ten thousand and forty-two points for continuing to blog about things you learned today. I’ll read the play if I can find it. Sounds interesting to see on stage. How were the stage props? Did the witches fly (like the witches who hit the tree while texting)? Hahaha

    • Maria says:

      I know I should have written more about the performance, but again I was just too tired to do it really good. Stage props were awesome. Modern and using a lot of technology but as well very into details, not just minimalist, what I hate with some modern theater shows. The witches didn’t fly but the flying monkeys did. They even flew out of stage above the seating areas..

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