Goodbye Brooklyn

There was not much program for my last day in Brooklyn but still some to-dos that made it densely packed.

I went to the Transit Museum that shows the history of New York’s public transport. It’s quite interesting, so I spent about two hours there. It starts with technical stuff like how they built subway tunnels, then there is a timeline from horse-drawn carts to subways, the change of fares, ways to pay and turnstiles and in the basement they have subway cars from different times. Well done.
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When I got out of the museum in the afternoon I was hungry, so I picked up a bagel with lox spread. I still had to find some presents, so a little shopping walk was my next to-do. Afterwards I had planned to finally have a cheesecake at Junior’s. But the bagel had filled me up and time had proceeded too much, so I went home and finished packing the luggage to bring to Soh Ang’s house.

When I left at about 5 pm to catch the subway I realized that it had become much heavier than I had expected. Luckily a young man was so kind to carry it down the stairs at the subway station for me. I didn’t need any transfer to get to Jamaica, but it takes 1 hour and 15 minutes from here. In Brooklyn the train was quite empty but in Manhattan it filled up quickly. It was rush hour and people were on their way home. The final station in Jamaica, at 179th Street has an elevator and Soh Ang picked me up there.
We left the content of my suitcase in her car and took the empty suitcase to dinner. We ate at a Thai place on Hillside Avenue, where we shared a Mango and Avocado Salad – should have been Papaya but it was not available – then Soh Ang had Pad Thai and I had a Penang Curry, which was quite good.

After the long journey back I packed the rest of my luggage – and missed some items, like my sand colored cardigan that apparently are in Queens now. Ok, I will survive somehow.

Tomorrow I will travel to Washington D.C. There will be no blog until at least Friday, because there is no WiFi at the place where I am staying. This is not due to the government shutdown but it will be a kind of survival training for me. Good to have a smartphone at least.

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One Response to Goodbye Brooklyn

  1. Kathrin says:

    Give my regards to Lincoln, Maria, he (the statue) made quite an impression on me – many years back!
    Love Kathrin

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