Brooklyn Nostalgia

Tomorrow will be my last day in Brooklyn. The very last one. I can still come back for a day or so, but I won’t come back to stay. It feels strange, not right somehow. I got so used to Brooklyn. It has become my home in New York after I spent three of four months here. And now I shall just leave? Astoria, Queens will be next, when I get back from Boston. That’s close to Manhattan but Brooklyn will be so far away.

I started the day with setting up a list for René, with things to do and places to go.
Next I had to realize that the government shutdown has reached me, will affect me directly. I will not be able to see Julia Child’s kitchen. The Smithsonian museums in DC are closed.
Priya got back from Philadelphia. She reported closed places as well.
In the afternoon I went to get a haircut in a salon on Smith Street. My hairdresser was Russian. Just last week somebody had old me that all hairdressers are Russian now. Another guy working in the salon was very excited when he heard that I am German. He had been to Germany for 6 weeks during the world cup (which world cup?) and had liked our Autobahns and our beer. He mentioned so many things that are just better in Germany than here. Funny, I just started to get that feeling, too! We have flexible showers and bathtubs deep enough to relax in. We have proper cheese. Well and we don’t have government shutdowns.
Back home I finished “Tomorrow there will be Apricots”. One of those books I will miss now after having finished it. Then I continued packing. Now tomorrow night I just have to get everything into my suitcase, which I will need as a transport container for the stuff that goes to Soh Ang’s place.
Astor got furious when I shoved him off my bed. He bit and scratched me. The bite wasn’t serious but the scratch left me with a memory on my hand.

In the evening I started doing last Brooklyn assets.
I finally had dinner at Rucola on our street. I went there before 7 pm and thus managed to get a table. I had Spaghetti with clams and shaved fennel. Excellent! Afterwards I walked down Smith Street to get a Brooklyn at Brooklyn Social. It’s a cocktail, made of rye whiskey and Grand Marnier. Not my favorite, but I needed to know what a Brooklyn is. While I sat there at the bar, sipping my Brooklyn I started to feel the Brooklyn nostalgia and walked home slowly then. I sat down with the cats hoping they would comfort me. But I’m still kind of sad.

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