An Unforeseen Visitor

Yesterday morning I had a message on Facebook, saying something like „I arrived in New York. Can I reach you somehow?” It was from one of my colleagues, René. I knew he had been thinking about coming to New York, but I hadn’t heard of him since I left Cologne. Now all of a sudden he actually showed up – without telling me in advance.

We met this afternoon and I took him on a walk through Greenwich Village first, the classic I would always do with first time visitors. Washington Square Park, McDougal Street, Bleecker Street and Christopher Street. Then we crossed Broadway into the East Village and had a beer at McSorley’s Old Ale House, one of New York’s oldest pubs. I hadn’t been there before. It’s a funny place. The interior looks very old and traditional. The floor is covered with sawdust. We ordered two beers and got two each – the house special. They sell only the house beer, the only choice is light or dark.
Finally we had an Indian dinner on 6th street, one of Manhattans Little Indias. I had asked Priya for a recommendation. The place she told me was worth it. We had lamb dishes with rice and nan.
René doesn’t like New York yet. But he hadn’t seen much more than Central Park and the Empire State Building so far – and he is staying in Chinatown. I need to send him to the right places.

In the morning I tried to read the New York Times with my breakfast. Pepper climbed onto the table where I had spread the paper’s parts. She lay down on them and whenever I tried to move a page or pick up a part she thrust her paw on it, like if to say “you don’t read now, I am here”.
The cats apparently started managing me. I suspect Astor to have sent a friendship request on Facebook for me. He is stepping onto my keyboard all the time when I use my computer in his presence. These days somebody confirmed a friendship request I was not aware to have sent. My only explanation for that is that Astor liked him and thought we should be friends. Ok, now we are.

Before I left to meet René I sorted my luggage. It’s incredible how much stuff I have accumulated by now. On Tuesday I will bring one bag of luggage and the books to Soh Ang. When I am back from Boston I finally need to send a parcel home. I won’t need the summer stuff any more, I guess, so it makes sense now.

On my way to town I ran into a Polish Parade on 5th Avenue right in front of the Central Library. Everything was red and white there, people, wagons, flags and balloons.
I wanted to borrow a Washington DC travel guide from Midtown Manhattan Library, but it was not easy to get there. There was only one intersection, where pedestrians could cross. I managed though and found a book. Back home at night I started planning what to do there.

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