Brooklyn Heights and the Cranberry Street Festival

Soh Ang wanted to see Brooklyn Heights and I had offered to take her there. We picked today because of the Cranberry Street Festival.

I knew it would be a small event because Cranberry Street isn’t that long. I didn’t know however that it just covered one block. What we found there was very neighborhoody and very brooklyny. Some tables were placed along the street, offering bakery goods and coffee for a dollar, hot dogs for two dollars, Tarot readings for 5 dollars. Other tables offered garage sale stuff. A little two person band offered guitar and clarinet music.
For 12 pm a puppy parade was scheduled. That means all neighbors walk their dogs along the street and afterwards the dogs get a bag of delicacies. We watched one of the dogs unpack his bag. He was very skillful. We were sitting on a brownstone’s staircase with an elderly neighborhood guy and his dog Isabella. It was cute.
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Next was a belly dancing show. Seven women in colorful batik dresses, body paintings and glittering jewelry were moving to oriental rhythms. They were very expressively. Even one with a big belly managed to move her hips graciously.

We walked down to the Fulton Landing then and started to think about lunch options. It was busy as usual down at the waterfront.
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We checked out some food trucks but decided to have a real lunch, sitting somewhere.
We had a look at Juliana’s, the restaurant of the founder of Grimaldi’s. there was a line out there. Half as long as Grimaldi’s but still too long. So we walked into Brooklyn Bridge Park and back up to the Heights using the suspension bridge. It was swaying.
Back up we walked the Promenade and choose houses we would like to live in. We would need the help of Mega Millions though. But currently there are just 12 Mio. in the jackpot. That might not be enough. On Montague Street we watched for food options. The Heights Café offered brunch with mostly omelet dishes. The Thai place, where I had my last dinner during my first stay in NYC in 2006, before I went to the promenade to say goodbye to the city and felt I would have to come back, has ridiculous prices now (who wants to pay 20$ for a Pad Thai?). So we ended up in a pizza place on Hicks Street, following the recommendation of a neighbor who saw us read the menu. My pizza with arugula and Parma ham was really good.
After lunch we strolled through the streets of Brooklyn Heights, looking for more houses we could live in. Maybe a mews on Grace Court Alley. There was a white one with lots of bookshelves and a dog. But there as well we needed to rely on Mega Millions. Back on Montague we somehow got into LOFT and I bought a skirt and a cardigan. Well they had 40% off today, so it would be a shame not to buy something.
Afterwards we had a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks and then headed to the Farmers Market at Borough Hall where we had met earlier and Soh Ang had fallen in love with green Cherokee tomatoes. But now just mashy ones were left. We walked to my neighborhood – Boerum Hill – then and I showed Soh Ang where I currently live. She took the subway home from there while I went to the supermarket to buy something for breakfast.

On my way back I passed the Brooklyn Inn and took the chance to finally go in there. It was not so crowded as usual. Sitting there I regretted I had not come earlier. People are sitting at the bar reading a book! I attempted to set up characters for my new first novel.

Back home – after greeting the cats – I started sorting out unnecessary things, like collected papers I would not necessarily take home. I was up to sorting my clothes in two categories: travelling to Washington and Boston with me or being stored at Soh Ang’s house. But Pepper had stretched out on my bed so there was no room for sorting clothes. I didn’t feel like chasing her off and went back to my characters instead.

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