Cat Sitting

Priya is travelling and left me with the cats. A friend of hers comes by every day to feed them but my job is to give them the attention they are used to. So this week I will be a cat sitter.

I had planned no tour today but some writing instead. My writing group will meet on Friday and I announced to deliver something to critique on. I did a revision on the good old pancake story that I first wrote years ago for a Poetry Slam (although it was not really poetry).
As I didn’t plan to go out I took some more time for reading in the morning and got up late. My cats were still later though. When I got up none of them was visible yet. Astor of course gracefully walked into the kitchen when he heard me make breakfast. Pepper followed him a bit later but today she was the one who climbed onto the dining table instead of Astor. She accepted when I removed her though.
When I sat down to write with my laptop on the table Astor felt like getting some attention. He jumped up, walked around my laptop and rubbed his head on the open cover. Then he placed himself between me and the laptop and walked up and down to force me spend time with him. I threw him off the table, I heaved him off the table, I told him I didn’t want him there. He didn’t give up. That slowed down my work considerably.
I first found several language mistakes and corrected them. Then I checked if the story worked and found that it did. Next I looked for adjectives and tried to replace them by means of description. The ones I could not transform immediately I wrote down.
I took a break to have lunch – just some fruit – and have a look into the travel memoirs Priya left on the coffee table for me. Then I sat down with the cats to let them know I didn’t forget they needed some attention. When I tried to go on with my revision I felt stuck. My brain did not produce any descriptions. So I decided to go to Manhattan where I would meet Annabella, the German writing about hotels, a bit earlier. I took my list of adjectives to replace to think about it on the subway.

I got off the F train at Herald Square and again walked down the fashion jewelry section of Broadway. Just to find out that one of the necklaces I wanted was sold out now – I should have bought it on Friday – and the other one was too clunky. I bought roasted cashews instead and walked to the Chelsea Hotel to meet Annabella there. She could tell me a bit more about what is going on with the hotel. There are still some residents living in it – while we were standing there a woman with blue hair came out – and that a legal dispute had put the renovation on hold.
We walked over to the Highline and down 10th Avenue where we found a simple diner and decided to have dinner there. It was an unspectacular place with booths on one side and a bar on the other. We both had burgers. My Mexican one was good and pretty spicy. There was a layer of jalapenos between the bun and the burger. We talked about Annabella’s project, my experiences and travelling in general and had a good time. It just felt a bit strange to speak German.

On my way home I walked through the now dark historical district of Chelsea and then checked out the Fairway market on 6th Avenue to buy some breakfast supplies.
When I came home Astor greeted me very affective to show me that he definitely wanted some attention now after my being gone for so long. Pepper walked around the sofa where Astor and I were sitting and jumped onto the coffee table like if to say “what about me?” but she was shy to join us on the sofa.
When Priya’s friend came to feed them I was forgotten. Food made them happy.
Now Pepper has gone to sleep in Priya’s room and Astor curled himself on the sofa, his head buried under his entangled paws. So finally I can work.

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