Rooftop Revisited

230 Fifth is still an attractive spot in the fall. I went there tonight with Soh Ang and it was pretty packed – Friday night. It was not easy to get a table and the one we got wasn’t a good one. But still we could see the illuminated skyscrapers.

My day started with writing yesterday’s post after breakfast with my two furry roommates. Again I was too tired last night. I haven’t had coffee.
For the day I picked up yesterday’s plan and had lunch at the Lebanese restaurant. It was a bit disappointing. The menu reads promising. I ordered squash stuffed with ground lamb, rice and pinenuts, that sounded quite interesting to me. It was not available though. Not ready yet, the waiter said. So I ordered a similar dish with eggplant instead. I expected something like a stuffed eggplant. What I got was like a creamy yogurt soup with eggplant in it. It didn’t look appealing because everything was white and it lacked spices.
After lunch I walked to Brooklyn Bridge Park again to finally see Photoville. In vain once more. It opens at 4pm on weekdays. But the Ample Hill ice cream stall was open today, so I treated myself to a scoop of Butter Pecan Brittle. Awesome! Almost as good as Salted Caramel.
From the waterfront I took a B63 bus to Atlantic Terminal to do some necessary shopping at Target and the same bus to get home from there. Priya had told me that I can text the bus stop code to MTA and they will text me how far away the next bus is. It is even better. I can simply scan a QR-code to get the same information, and it works. Great! I wonder if we have that in Germany.
At home I dressed up for the rooftop and left at 5pm. Soh Ang didn’t know how long she would need to stay in the office so I took the train to Herald Square and walked down Broadway to browse through the fashion jewelry stores. I bought a lottery ticket. There is a 173 million jackpot. I have no idea what this lottery is like but Karen told me she bought a ticket and it was just one dollar. So it is another chance to buy an apartment and become a fulltime writer after gambling didn’t work out.
When I reached Madison Square there was a food event going on. Lots of booths with food and drink. I walked around and decided on an Octoberfest beer and a pretzel while I was waiting for Soh Ang who still was kept in her office. It was nice to sit there and watch the night come in.
Soh Ang was stressed when she arrived and we directly went to the rooftop. Again getting up was easy but then we had to stand in line. First the seater sent us to the bar but there were no chairs, we would have to stand. We didn’t want to stand, so we got in line again and asked for a seat, promising we would not just have drinks but eat a snack. We shared some lobster sliders and I had a Raspberry Mojito. Just one drink today.
Soh Ang then took me into Eataly. That’s a kind of Italian food court with bar style restaurants and shopping places. It was extremely busy. I would probably fail in getting something to eat there because I would not know where to go and how to do it.

The F train went crazy tonight. I tried to catch it at Broadway – Lafayette station, like last night. Today there was a message that there was no F train service at this station now. Recommendation was to take an uptown F to West 4 Street and a downtown F from there. There was a downtown F at West 4 Street but it was running express on the B line and ths would not go to Bergen Street at all. People were sent to the A/C platform for a local F. There was one that was running on the C line then until Jay Street and became a real F there. Funny, but again it took me pretty long to get home.

What I learned today:
Don’t ride the F train at night to get to Boerum Hill. Take an A or C instead. Seems to be more reliable.

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