Drinks in the Old Town Bar

The Old Town Bar on 18th Street is what the name says: an old New York bar for drinks and bar food, since 1892. During prohibition it has been a speakeasy. It’s as well a place with a literary tradition. Frank McCourt was a regular there and a lot of authors had book parties there. I met for drinks there with Karen, a woman from my writing class.

The day had gone a bit astray. My plan was to have lunch at a Lebanese place on Atlantic Avenue and go to see Photoville then before taking a train into Manhattan and check out the two pairs of shoes I had seen the other day. But then I was caught by a literary magazine first and received an email from somebody at home then, that required some thoughts. So it got too late for lunch and Photoville and I just walked down Court Street to find the bakery again where I had bought bagels my first day in Boerum Hill. Back home I had a quick homemade lunch of leftovers and went to town earlier.
The email and my thoughts had led me back to a book I had seen the other day, The Novel Cure, and I now needed to get my hands on. It was not available at both libraries, so I would have to buy it. I found it in the review section at the Strand.
The shoes took longer. The pair of lace-up booties that looked wider than most other ones was not available in my size. The other pair at Aerosoles was available, fitted my feet and looked good, but the leather was so soft I could see the shape of my toes. With the help of a very friendly sales girl I found another pair, that was a bit narrow, but she offered to stretch them for me. Indeed after that the fit was perfect. Now I am equipped for city walking in the fall, when it is still too warm for boots but too cold for sneakers.

I met Karen at 6pm. We had a Jack and Ginger (Jack Daniels and Ginger Ale) and shared a plate of fries that were on the house because they had taken so long. We chatted about writing and books and more. It is a nice place to sit and chat. Karen used to invent cocktails. She made our server mix one of her creations for us. I don’t remember exactly what it was – something vanilla and three maraschino cherries in it – but it was good.
After two hours Karen’s husband joined us and they took me to have dinner at a sushi restaurant. The menu was so vast that it overstrained me. I am used to running sushi only. I had summer rolls filled with shrimps and a lobster roll with mango. It was really good.
My way home took a bit longer than usual. The F train was stuck somewhere in Queens due to construction and the waiting time allowed me more than five attempts to get over Candy Crush Saga level 86. I didn’t manage though.

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