Back in Midtown Manhattan

A lunch appointment with Soh Ang took me to Midtown again. Earlier my weekly printing sessions in the library for my writing class had taken me there on a regular basis. Events in Bryant Park had taken me there occasionally. Now, as the class is over as well as the summer with its free events, there is no reason to go to Midtown any more. It is like some faraway place where you only go to when there is a reason.

I started the day with oversleeping. My alarm woke me up at 7am as usual but I fell asleep again. It was almost 9 when I woke up again. There was still enough time to get ready and get to Midtown in time for lunch but there was not much time left for reading.
When I finally got up I felt neglected. No cat came into my room when I opened the door, no miau, no rubbing at my legs while I made my breakfast, no one even was interested in sharing my breakfast. No cat showed up. Apparently both of them were still dreaming of whatever.

I met Soh Ang at 12pm for Lunch at Darbar Grill on 55th Street. They offer a lunch buffet and it was pretty good, especially the Tandoori Chicken and the cauliflower. After lunch Soh Ang took me to a shop across the street for discount sweets and cosmetics. One of those locations I would never have found on my own.

Soh Ang had to go back to work and I played tourist. About a month ago I had started a walk in Midtown that I had found in a travel magazine. Then I had managed half of it now I set out to finish it. The second part took me to the part of Midtown I don’t like so much, the touristy part.
From the restaurant I walked over to Park Avenue and into 57th Street to find Cartier and the Trump Tower at the corner of 5th Avenue. I walked into Trump Tower. Lots of red marble in there.
My next stop was Rockefeller Center in 50th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues. There was some kind of sales show going on outside. Upscale kitchen supplies were displayed at stylish stalls and there was a speaker’s podium. Nobody was speaking though. In the window of a shoe shop I spotted a pair of very nice lace-up shoes in three colors. I stepped inside to check on them. They were peanuts, just 485$. Maybe in my next life…
I walked inside the shopping and dining concourse and then spent some time in the gift shop of the Metropolitan Museum. They sell very nice stuff there. T-shirts with painting prints, greeting cards, lots of jewelry and the classics like mugs and mouse pads.
On the corner of 6th Avenue there is Radio City Music Hall, a legend of show business in New York. I had planned to take a guided tour there, but when I arrived I didn’t feel like it. So I did what I am good at: I postponed it.
I cut out Broadway and Times Square. No need to go there again.
47th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues is called Diamond Row. That’s where all the diamond dealers have their shops, selling not only diamonds but jewelry as well. It is not fun to walk there. Almost every shop has catchers outside whose job it is to get people in. It’s not easily possible just to look into the windows. What they display in the windows did not appeal to me anyway. Nothing simple, everything glittering somehow. At the corner of 5th Avenue I came across a stall where designer jewelry was sold for 5$ apiece. A lot of people where grubbing there. I took some time to do so as well. Not that I found something but it is nice to have the time to do such unnecessary things.
Across 5th Avenue on 47th Street I spotted the Center for Fiction, a great place for readers and writers. It’s something like a combination of bookstore, literary events club and writing school. I fell in love with one more book: The Novel Cure. Find the right novel for every problem.
On 44th Street I passed the Algonquin Hotel and had a glimpse inside. I would have liked to have a drink in the bar but was shy to just go in and do so. Thought I might not be dressed well enough. But I will go there on Saturday for the Dorothy Parker walking tour and probably on my birthday for the book launch of the cocktail guide.
Instead of a drink I had a fruit shake from a wagon. Strawberry, blueberry and pineapple. Small cups were out so I got a large one for the price of a small one.
At 42nd Street I cut the tour short – this part of midtown I know pretty well – and took a subway to 14th Street to go into Bed, Bath and Beyond. I needed a travel size bottle of baby oil and spent more than 20$, not just for baby oil though.
On 14th Street I spotted shoes. Finally a pair of lace-up booties that didn’t look so narrow at David Z and a pair of comfort shoes suitable for fall walking at Aerosoles. But it would have been nonsense to try on shoes after hours of city walking, so I need to go back one other day soon.

On Broadway I grabbed a bottle of wine and when I finally got home it was almost 8pm and I was tired. That’s why I didn’t manage to finish this post on time. Sorry for the delay!

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