Relaxing from the Stressful Weekend

I felt like I needed a day of vacation and I took one.
So I spent some time reading newspapers, wrote yesterday’s post about the Book Festival, googled this and that, read a bit, changed my sheets and vacuumed the rug I my room. When I finally got out it was midafternoon.

I walked over to the Brooklyn Heights waterfront to see Photoville, a photo exhibition in containers at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5.
It was sunny but cool and I put on my brand new boots. Not a good idea though. I felt like winter in them and that feeling did not match the beaming sun. But so many New Yorkers wear boots already.
When I arrived at Photoville I had to see that it is closed until Thursday. The website didn’t tell me this. So all I could do was sit in the sun.
I walked to Pier 1, which is closest to Brooklyn Bridge and is a real park to do so. There is still construction going on at the piers. Pier 2 to 4 are not ready yet and there is no walkway along the water. I had to walk along the street beneath the Expressway, that runs in two levels underneath Brooklyn Heights Promenade. A crazy construction somehow.
Many orthodox Jewish families were around. The men were dressed up in shiny coats and their fur hats. I wondered if we have a Jewish holiday. When I googled it later I learned that Sukkot is going on, the feast of tabernacles.
At Pier 1 I sat on a bench, looked at downtown Manhattan and tried to write an outline for my new story or novel idea that I want to discuss with my writing group next week. That’s all I did today.

Later I had dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant on Court Street. That was kind of interesting, because I had to eat with my hands. My food, pieces of lamb cooked with collard greens and two vegetables as sides were served on a thin pancake. The waitress told me to tear of pieces of pancake and pick up the food with it. Somehow I managed. It was tasty.

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