Shopping Brooklyn

I had no big plans for today. No walk, no literary program. Just some correspondence, some reading, some writing and some necessary shopping. I was not in the mood to leave Brooklyn though.

The sun came out in the morning and while I got ready to go out the cats used my window to enjoy it. First Pepper came in and lay down on the stairs to the window. After a while Astor entered the scene. I was afraid he would chase her away as he is the dominant one. But no, he sat down next to Pepper and started to lick her head tenderly. It was so sweet. I almost felt bad when I had to push them away because I wanted to leave and therefore close the window.
Pepper ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

I walked along Atlantic Avenue to Atlantic Terminal, where I had seen boots at DSW that looked a bit wider than all those I had tried on already. It ended up to be my lucky day. I finally got a pair of nice and wide black boots. I will survive the winter now, having a pair of boots, a woolen sweater and an ultra-light down jacket and knowing I can easily get warm underwear at Century 21 if it gets really, really cold. Happily I carried my boots home.
Before I left again to check out Sahadi’s, a famous middle eastern grocery store on Atlantic Avenue, I changed clothes and put on my lightest summer dress instead of jeans, t-shirt and cardigan and sandals (no not the boots) instead of sneakers. It had become really warm outside. Sahadi’s was a disaster. I spent a fortune buying cheeses, real salami, fig jam, hummus, couscous salad, a spinach-and-cheese pie and sourdough bread. They sell not only middle eastern food but Mediterranean as well. And everything I tried so far is delicious.

Back home I made a lunch of the pie and some hummus and couscous and afterwards lay down on my bed to read “Tomorrow there will be Apricots”. Pepper soon came up and made herself comfortable next to me, her head on my book. Her calls for attention are much softer than Astor’s who uses his claws if I don’t react to his paw. Maybe I should get a cat.

In the evening I was too lazy to go out again and have dinner, so I had salami and cheese on sourdough bread instead. It was the first real salami after months. Simple things can be a pleasure if you missed them for a while.

Warning: Tomorrow I will go to Atlantic City and get back late. So there will be no post. And my ticket includes a 10$ voucher for a casino, so I might be able to buy a little apartment in Brooklyn next week and become a full-time writer. Please cross your fingers for me! The prize could be a blog about a writer’s life in Brooklyn – but I don’t know if real writers have time for things like that :-).

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One Response to Shopping Brooklyn

  1. Kim says:

    Yes!! The first thing you should do upon arriving back in Cologne is adopt a cat!!!

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