In Search of Gowanus‘s Charm

Gowanus is the neighborhood south of mine, between Carroll Gardens to the left and Park Slope to the right. So it is surrounded by three very nice neighborhoods and the expressway and it is crossed by the Gowanus Canal. The canal gives the neighborhood several bridges but as well a lot of industry. To be honest: I didn’t find the charming side of Gowanus. There are some snugly brick streets but as well a lot of blocks where I thought I should better not be there. But ok, not every neighborhood can be nice.

I had used a great deal of the day for writing yesterday’s post as it was too late for that last night. Having finished it I walked over to the waterfront where a street festival took place on Columbia and Union Streets. It was a little neighborhood event with stands of local businesses and artists and some music and kids’ entertainment.
So I didn’t spend much time there and followed Union Street into Gowanus until I reached the Canal. I tried to cross all bridges in search of something picturesque. In vain.
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The last one then was fenced off by the police due to an accident or a crime or whatever. Unfortunately it was the one that would have taken me to the subway. So I was forced to take a detour in the direction of Park Slope.

For dinner I walked over to Court Street and chose a Thai place where I had steamed dumplings and a teriyaki chicken. Was nice. A woman at the table next to me was nagging about everything. She made the waitress explain the content of various dishes and everything was too spicy. Why does she go to a Thai restaurant if she doesn’t like spicy food? What she finally ordered then was too crispy and the wine was too sweet. People like her should better stay at home, I think.

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