Moving to Boerum Hill

Leaving Rachael’s place in Crown Heights was tough. I loved being there, I got so used to Rachael’s energy and her hearty laughter and I absolutely don’t feel like having been there four weeks. But a new neighborhood, a new hostess and two new cats were awaiting me today. And it didn’t take me long to get a feeling that this new neighborhood has a good chance to become my favorite. It’s just so nice. Very brooklyny (that’s my word creation).
Here I am now:

The day started not so bright. I woke up early, before my alarm had a chance to wake me up, and in my head a thunderstorm was going on. Ok, I shouldn’t have had that crazy mix of rum and Baileys that Lisanicole had invented after both our bottles of wine were empty but we were still in the middle of a talk. A shower, a cup of tea, a bagel and an Aspirin helped at least a bit. I finished my packing, hugged Rachael and caught the Bergen Street bus which took me and my first load of luggage straight to my new destination.
Priya had emailed me that she would not be at home and where I would find a key. But when I arrived the key was not there. What now? I could call her, of course. But first I rang the bell and to my surprise the door opened and there she was: Priya, my new hostess.
Her place is cute and shows that a creative person lives there. My room is tiny, the smallest one so far, but sweet. I was enchanted by a little folding table, like a breakfast tray, which I can use to work on my laptop sitting on the bed. The kitchen is very well equipped and even has a dish washer.
I didn’t stay long though but took the subway back to Crown Heights to get the rest of my stuff. Had another cup of tea, packed my kitchen supplies, said goodbye to Lisanicole – who apparently was in a worse condition than I – and took another bus to my new home.

After having unpacked I set off to get a first impression of my new surroundings. Priya’s apartment is in a charming brick house on a leafy street. I walked down Smith Street to Carroll Park and back on Court Street. These two are the main shopping and eating strips. There are lots of restaurants of all kind – real restaurants, not just takeouts -, cafés, groceries, fruit shops, real bakeries, even a real butcher, a supermarket, boutiques and a bookstore. Everything is more or less just around the corner. A very friendly atmosphere surrounds the streets. Subways to everywhere are in walking distance. It’s just nice.

Back in the apartment Astor, the grey cat, started to walk around me, rubbing his head on my leg, like to find out if I would be useful for cats need. When I sat down at the dining table to do my critiques for tomorrow he jumped onto the table trying to make me realize that he was more important than that grey metal thing. I didn’t succeed in chasing him off, so I conceded and caressed him for a while. He didn’t accept my attempts to stop and start work instead. With him beside me I finally managed to write to critiques though.

I had dinner in an Indian place called Britain on Smith Street. Food was quite ok, service was not. I felt neglected. The waiters placed things on my table without even looking at me.
Back home I finally booked my flight from Washington to Boston. Now I had to fight for the right to work against two cats in need of being caressed. Apparently Astor had talked to Pepper about his success in winning me over while I was out.
Priya came home and we talked a bit, about the neighborhood and other things. Until she went to bed after a hard day and I started to see to the needs of my readers.

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