In Need of a Lazy Day

When I went to bed last night I turned off my alarm clock. I just felt like sleeping as long as I needed to sleep. I woke up at about 8:30 and when I went to the bathroom I still felt like a vehicle in need of repair. I went back to bed and decided to be lazy today.

I left the house just twice. First to get a proper jerk chicken to have with my now ready to fry plantain. I walked down the lower part of Franklin Avenue to see if there would be a jerk place. There was none. I bought a pack of okra and some prickly pears and as I was not allowed to walk more than necessary took the train to Utica Avenue, where I had seen the place with the long line outside. There was no line today probably because it was almost 2pm already. I got my jerk chicken – two whole legs are a small portion – and took the train back home. I fried the okra and the plantain and reheated the chicken and the rest of yesterday’s rice. The plantain was soft and golden, the okra just at the point before getting slimy, the chicken was tender and spicy. It was a great lunch.

Afterwards I started planning my October trip to Washington and Boston. I looked for trains to Washington, accommodations in Washington and flights from Washington to Boston. Talked to Kim on the phone making plans what we would do when I am in Boston.
Then read the last story for class and almost fell asleep. Not because the story was boring though. I decided I should have a coffee.

So I went out again, took last bottles to the supermarket, bought last breakfast supplies and got a latte on my way home. That allowed me to get some critique work done at least.

Lisa Nicole cooked dinner for us. We had spicy rice and beans, ate together and talked about New York and the rest of the country. She has lived in San Francisco and in Tucson, Arizona before she came to New York. At last she has been travelling for one and a half years and is about to move back to New York now, looking for a place.
Rachael was invited to a party “in the odd city” and didn’t want to go. She was standing in the door in a little black dress and croc flats, sulking, like a schoolgirl who got an assignment she didn’t like. Lisa Nicole styled her up with a white scarf and she left us reluctantly, saying she would be back in two hours.
I retired to read then and that’s what I’ll be doing now. The Haunted Bookstore is about to get enthralling.

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One Response to In Need of a Lazy Day

  1. Meredith says:

    You deserved a day off. Your explorations exhaust me and I’m only reading them. I love following your days though. I’m envious.

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