Botanics, Architecture and Culture in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Botanic Garden is free on Saturdays until noon. So I went there today. But August is not the very best month to go there. It is very green, but does not show so much color. End of May must be good, when the cherry trees are in full blossom.
The water lilies in the pool in front of the conservatory are beautiful. Shakespeare Garden, where plants mentioned in Shakespeare’s work are collected, is interesting.
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The southern end of the Botanic Garden meets the northern edge of Prospect Lefferts Gardens, so I had a little walk through that neighborhood afterwards. It is one of Brooklyn’s (still) lesser known neighborhoods. Mainly Caribbean but quieter than Crown Heights.
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Beautiful architecture. Even a Historic District. Many streets are lined by single family row houses of several styles. I would call it cute. Even the apartment blocks look friendly.
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I ended up on Nostrand Avenue and walked back uphill to my neighborhood. Gloria’s Restaurant was on the way, so I decided to try another Roti, without pepper sauce today. The place was packed. I got a number – 33 – to wait for my Vegetable Roti. Something went wrong. My number was not called. When I realized that many people who had ordered after me got their food I asked. The woman told me she had announced a “Veg” a long time ago, but nobody had picked it up. As I had been given a number, I had listened to 33, not to “Veg”. I got a new one and took it home. It was good, but could have used a bit, just a little bit of hot sauce.

In the evening I finally went to see a movie, Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine. I chose the cinema in BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music). It is in a time honored building with wonderfully plastered ceilings. Seat rows are steep, so everybody has a good view. They don’t show commercials, just advertise their own programs and mention their sponsors.
The movie is very good. Go see it!

As I forgot to have an afternoon coffee today – a new habit to fight being all tired at night and not able to write good stuff – this post is short. Less text, more pics.
My bed is calling me.

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2 Responses to Botanics, Architecture and Culture in Brooklyn

  1. Kathrin says:

    I love Shakespeare and the way he uses flowers in his works. I especially remember Olivia in Hamlet, she mentiones all sorts of flowers – next time I’ll go to NY I have to go for a stroll through this park, thanks for the tip.

  2. Spotted SF says:

    This is an area of Brooklyn I need to discover still. Thanks for the tip!

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