The Morley Walk

Does anybody out there know who Christopher Morley was? Well, I didn’t.
What attracted me was a listing in Time Out magazine: A Reader’s Tour of Brooklyn. I checked out the given link and my Sunday program was set. I would join the Morley Walk.

Christopher Morley (1890-1957) was a writer and published two novellas about a passionate bookseller and the bookselling business. The second novella, “The Haunted Bookstore” is set in Brooklyn and is a funny mystery story.
The walk was a crazy thing. We – about 20 booklovers – met in a café south of Prospect Park at noon and walked through Brooklyn, reading the book – aloud. Along the way volunteers read 5 pages each while walking. We walked around Prospect Park, through Park Slope and Prospect Heights to Fort Greene.
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On our way we passed four bookstores where we were invited to browse and buy books.
The Brooklyn Library was our stop to pick up a lunch from one of the various food trucks on Grand Army Plaza. We did not go into the library. Don’t know why. It’s open on Sundays and I think it would have been a good idea.
I did not buy more than one book, THE book, but added some to my list. Not being able to read while I walk I did not volunteer – although I was asked.
The tour ended in a beer place in Fort Greene, called “Der Schwarze Kölner”. They offer German beers and food. New Yorkers are quite fond of German beer. We got a free sample of Grapefruit Weizen. Well, I prefer real beer.

On the walk I met a guy who announced the opening of a bookstore in Crown Heights, at Franklin Avenue and Park Place. That’s my corner! It will open up shortly after I will have left though. But I passed the information to Rachael. I think Franklin Avenue will be a good place for a bookstore. There is none in Crown Heights as far as I know.

The walk was organized by a young Brooklyn publishing company, Melville House, in cooperation with the bookstores on the way. The purpose was supporting the sales of the book, but I think this is a great way of marketing. It was fun. I imagined a walk like this in Cologne. Would not be possible, I think.

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3 Responses to The Morley Walk

  1. Kathrin says:

    another very interesting text, Maria. As always, would so much have loved to be with you! You really get to know NY – better than many Americans, I can imagine.
    Keep going, keep writing, enjoy.

  2. Exciting! I was also there on behalf of Off The Book. 🙂 Wish I had said hello! I think too many of us book fans are a little quiet… – Amanda

    • Maria says:

      That’s amazing! Cannot remember having seen you. But I just read your post about the Morley Walk and found myself on some of your pictures. It’s such a small world! Maria

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