Brooklyn Bridge

It was not a good idea to walk across Brooklyn Bridge on a Saturday afternoon. The bridge was packed. Especially the pedestrian lane was packed. The upper level is now divided in a pedestrian and a bicycle lane and each narrow lane is used in both directions. I guess 90% of the walkers were tourists, easily to be recognized by backpacks and cameras. It is annoying when everybody needs his photo taken on the bridge in dense traffic. There was a wedding photo session as well. Crazy!
On the bicycle lane an apparently serious accident had occurred. A man was lying there unable to move. I could see and hear an ambulance down below, but how would they come up? The upper level is only accessible from both ends of the bridge.
Although views from the bridge are spectacular and the weather was splendid I was happy when I reached the Manhattan end at Civic Center.
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Walking in such a crowd is not fun. I will have to do it again on a weekday.

I had started the day with Saturday’s Farmers Market on Grand Army Plaza. American Farmers Markets are great. Not only are there vegetables we don’t have but as well everything is so neatly arranged.
There were little carton containers with cherry tomatoes in various colors, more tomatoes in different colors and shapes, green, yellow and white zucchini, marbled eggplants, stacks of berry containers, beaming fresh peaches from New Jersey. Flatbreads with Portobello mushrooms or red onions and goat cheese or pesto and tomatoes. Real bread! A smell of herbs was wafting through the stands. I bought some apples, green tomatoes (to make fried green tomatoes), whole grain bread and one of these flatbreads for today’s dinner.
Back home I had a little lunch. Not much more than bread, cheese and fruits. Then I thought about what to do with the afternoon. I still needed to do all my homework, so I should have stayed at home, but the sun outside was too tempting and I decided to walk the bridge.

Having arrived on the Manhattan side I took a 6 train to Astor Place to check out some shops and then walked towards Union Square to get that Vermont farm cheddar from Trader Joe’s again, that just tastes so much better than those industrial supermarket cheddars that taste like nothing. But on the way there is an obstacle, Strand Books. I finally found a copy of “Motherless Brooklyn” which now will be my next read. I as well found “The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells” in the review section downstairs but left it there with a heavy heart. Hardcover books would add a lot of weight to my luggage.
At Trader Joe’s I stumbled into the next crowd. The checkout line started right at the entrance. But I didn’t notice that until I had gathered lettuce, olive oil, cheese and eggs. I just thought people were standing in line for something special. At the wine section next door I got two bottles of wine and finally took a train home from Union Square.
But trains not always do what they are supposed to do. So my 5 train that usually goes to Crown Heights ended at Bowling Green and I had to wait for the next one.

I did not get much work done after dinner but had an interesting chat with Rachael. And then – tired of a day in crowds- completely forgot to write the blog. Sorry for the delay!

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