Broadway in Bryant Park

Bryant Park is not on Broadway. But on some Thursdays this summer Broadway came to Bryant Park. Broadway Musicals to be exact and not the whole shows, but songs from them.
The lawn was filled with people. They were sitting on chairs or on the grass, spent their lunch break in the park or just stopped by. I was some minutes late and had missed the beginning. So I did not find a chair until a pizza eating mother and daughter behind me left. Today they gave songs from Once, Mamma Mia, Forever Tango and Motown. The crowd was going with the music, clapping hands, tapping feet, moving bodies. It’s fascinating what is going on in Bryant Park during the summer. There is something every day for everybody. And people go there. Why can’t we have a Bryant Park at home?
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I felt like a shopping trip after having bought a fashion magazine yesterday. So I walked down Fifth Avenue to 34th Street. I checked out nail polishes at Duane Reade. Think I must get an aubergine one and a teal one and one of these color morphing ones. At Banana Republic I found that dress I had looked at all summer on a sales rack for less than half price. I tried the biggest available size but the zipper refused to shut. At Uniqlo I found that ultra light orange coat in my size now. But I need to come back wearing something more than a thin blouse to try it on. At Herald Square I decided to finally pay a visit to Macy’s after having resisted for more than two months now.
Summer Sale is still going on there and fall fashion is gradually coming in. What about a beaming green silk dress, the green of wet plants in a tropical garden? Even Macy’s sells pretty boots at reasonable prices. I checked out some more shops. There are enough on 34th Street. What will New York women wear this fall? Jeans finally go black again. Orange and pink stay a match. Hound’s tooth and herringbone are back. Pants are skinny and not unicolor, they prefer patterns.
So I am afraid next to a pair of black boots and a pair of sandy bootees (with laces?) and a pair of rain boots I will need at least one dress, a pair of those skinny pants, something in hound’s tooth, a transparent black blouse – and the two sweaters and the coat of course. It will get cold here in winter. And I still don’t know how to get the stuff over the ocean.

On my way back home I got into rush hour. The train was packed. When I got off at Franklin Avenue station I wondered why so much police was around. Need to ask Rachel tomorrow. Is my neighborhood not as safe as it looks?
I had dinner at Chavela’s, the Mexican place on Franklin. It was full and it was noisy. Lots of young folks around. I was lucky to get a seat at the bar. A table was not within reach. The menu offered a lot of dishes beyond Tacos and the like. Margaritas are on draft. I had Costillas in Salsa Verde – pork ribs in a green sauce. It was very nice. The meat was tender, the salsa slightly hot. The Margarita however was low key.

What I learned today:
Well, simply what to wear in the fall.

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