German Sausage Platter

I could not resist. I was on my way to class and still had 45 minutes of time. I was thirsty and would get hungry in class if I didn’t eat something. The place on 7th Avenue looked snugly and had good Happy Hour offers until 7pm. German (Bavarian to be exact) and Czech food and beer.
The German Sausage Platter consists of a sausage, a pretzel, sauerkraut and mustard. Sausage can be Bratwurst, Knackwurst, Bauernwurst, Weisswurst or Kielbasa (what is not exactly German). I had the Bratwurst, what was a mistake. It was one of those thick, scalded ones and it was just slightly grilled. The pretzel was fluffy but had too much salt on it. Sauerkraut was good. The mustard was good as well, just not the type of mustard we use with sausages in Germany. It was a coarse one, not sweet though.
All in all not my favourite meal but worth a try. And the place has Weihenstefaner Hefeweizen on tap.

Most of the day was spoilt by pouring rain. I need to buy rainboots. Everybody has rainboots and they wear them with summerdresses. But I want fancy ones and didn’t find any fancy ones so far. So I stayed at home until the afternoon. I had to finish my homework anyway, so it was not too bad.
When the rain stopped I first got to the library for printing, which is farther now but easy to get to on the 4 or 5 express, having just a few stops between here and Grand Central.
I was pretty hungry when I left the library. I still haven’t got any bread so my breakfast had just been granola and fruit, lunch had been a yogurt. I went to Vanessa’s Dumplings, one of the places mentioned at the food tasting I had attended at the Tenement Museum. I remembered they have pancake sandwiches and I was absolutely curious what that might be. I expected something like a stuffed pancake. It was not exactly a pancake but more like bread. Mine had a Peking Duck filling and was delicious.
From Chinatown I walked over to the West Village on Spring Street to find a particular bakery in SoHo. Not more about that now. I don’t want to spoil a story still to be told :-).

On my way home from class I made two mistakes that helped make my way home a bit longer. I got the 1 train at Christopher Street and needed to transfer to the 2 or 3 at Chambers. I knew that. In the train I started reading. I remembered that I was not in the train to Brooklyn but just to South Ferry when it passed the construction area underneath WTC. That was beyond Chambers. So I got out at the next station, too the train back to Chambers and then had to wait for a while because my train had just left.
At Franklin Avenue I took a wrong exit and ended up somewhere on Eastern Parkway, now in the rain again. I could not see where I was. Between what streets and on which side. Of course I walked in the wrong direction at first. Apparently I still have to get used to my new way home.

What I learned today:
Don’t go for Bratwurst in New York

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