Thoughts on Days without much Content

There are these days when I feel like just doing nothing. Even right here in still fascinating New York City. There is so much that could be done out there and I feel like just hanging around and spend a whole day in my room or on the porch reading, googling, mailing and playing Candy Crush Saga on my smartphone (yes, this is a confession). But on the other hand – is it surprising? New York City is exhausting. So maybe I don’t need to worry if I feel like today sometimes.

I had scheduled the Grand Central Tour at 12:30 for today. With my breakfast I checked Time Out magazine for the meeting point and didn’t find the tour. According to Grand Central Station’s website it takes place every Friday. According to Time Out the next tour is scheduled for next Friday. As I did not want to go down there in vain I mentally cancelled it and slowed down my breakfast (a dark Brown bagel – called Russian Bagel – with cream cheese).

I could use the day for homework very well. I had to take down all the critique points from the class. Most students had just given me back the commented printout instead of a written letter. So ten pages instead of one. I do not want to keep all this paper though – and move it to Crown Heights on Monday. As well I have to critique on four stories this week and eavesdrop a real conversation to make it fictional dialog afterwards.

I started with the critique on my text and put all of it in my file. Well done, Maria! Then I answered emails, looked for next places to stay, came across this and that. Until at 3pm I noticed that I had no lunch and instantly felt hungry. I had eaten up most of my food supplies though because I will move on Monday. So leaving the house was necessary. I got a beef patty from the Supermarket, put it in the microwave and had it with leftover lettuce. Those beef patties are pretty good. It is just a piece of dough filled with meat. But nicely spiced. A perfect and quick lunch-snack.

With the late lunch my flow was broken. I managed to work out one critique letter – I’m really getting better on this and it doesn’t take me so much time any more – out on the porch until I had lost enough blood to the mosquitos. They just ignore my insect repellant. Then I lay down on my bed with Colum McCann and my smartphone. Read some pages – go for a Sugar Crush.

But I felt bad having not been out in the city at all, except to the Supermarket around the corner. So I urged myself to go out for dinner and thought about where to go. I will take Ettice to a goodbye dinner in Harlem tomorrow, so not Harlem today. I was not in the mood for a long subway ride. So it could only be the Upper West Side. And why not. There are enough nice places to eat. When I was ready to get up and get ready it started to rain however. That forced me to another try on level 29.
I ended up in a Middle Eastern restaurant on Amsterdam after checking out if Café Lalo is still alive and the millions of tiny lights are still wrapped around the trees in front of it. Everything ok there, just Tom Hanks was not sitting on the bench outside (Scene from “You’ve got mail”).
I had Babaganoush and Moroccan Red Chicken. The latter one pretty spicy with peppers and chick peas.

What I learned today:
Nothing :-(.
Except that exchanging a striped candy and a super ball makes all the candies in the color of the striped candy explode and so removes a lot of crusts and jelly and this is the only way to manage the higher levels.
Not interesting? Ok, I can accept that.

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One Response to Thoughts on Days without much Content

  1. Sadie says:

    Funny. Not a Candy Crush addict, but funny. Xox

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