South Street Seaport – Revisited

Tuesday is class day so a good deal of the day was taken by preparations. I finished my “critique letters” about fellow students’ work and then went to the library to print them as well as my homework. When I had printed my homework I saw that I had used a too small font, so I had to cut it seriously to get it on one page with the larger font. One page is the limit for our homework. Our teacher’s time for dealing with homework is limited. His main job is to write.
So “printing” three pages took more than half an hour and it was 4pm when I left the library.

No time left for a big walk, but enough for having a closer look at South Street Seaport, now that I know that serious damages by Sandy are responsible for closing down everything. But New York would not be New York if there was not something going on. While the Fulton Market, which used to be a busy shopping mall, is still undergoing restoration and is closed, in front of it there is an open air movie space with deck chairs to relax on and an adjoining food street – Smorgasbord – with food stalls and picnic tables. Some containers have been set up for businesses to reopen on a smaller scale. On top of the containers a bar offers drinks. The surrounding streets look spooky. Their surfaces are opened for reparations. Shops and restaurants are mainly deserted. Some have reopened, others are still waiting for reconstruction or didn’t survive. Just some impressions:
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