East Side versus West Side

I got up early to make sure I would get my homework done today. Describe a meal using all your senses! I had thought about it a lot and could not decide which meal, the sweet potato leaves or the Chicken and Waffles. So I was up to do both and then use the better one.

At lunch time I had finished the Chicken and Waffles and was quite happy with it, so I skipped the other one. I got a roll and a bottle of lemonade from the supermarket and prepared a sandwich. My sandwich making talent is far beyond most Delis’ but I had to use up some turkey. I wanted to have sandwich and reread the stories to critique outside on the porch. But just when I left the apartment the painting guys came to go on with the doors. So there was no sitting on the porch, at least not without the smell of fresh paint and the talk of the guys. I preferred to have my sandwich inside and thought about where to go to do the work on the stories. I decided to walk the Mall in Central Park and sit there to read. This did not take too much time on a subway and I could be sure to find a bench in Central Park, even a shady one. There are enough.

I sat down at the beginning of the Mall at about 66 Street and reread the first Story there. A guy was making huge soap bubbles with two sticks connected by a rope. Kids were keen on killing them and girls wanted to be photographed with a bubble. Having finished the story I walked up the Mall. The Mall is meant to be a literary walk lined by writers’ sculptures and leads to Bethesda Terrace at the Lake.
It is spoilt by too many stalls all selling the same: pictures of New York and fridge magnets. In between them artists who draw profiles and caricatures or paint names in Japanese and Chinese. There are so many distractions that the writers behind them are hardly perceived.
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Walking the Mall did not take so much time.
At Bethesda Terrace I had an icecream and thought about what to do with the rest of the day. East Side or West Side?
I decided to stroll up to Yorkville on the East Side. Therefore I left the park at 72nd Street and followed it. It is interesting to see that all avenues have their own characters. 5th is posh and lined by the great museums. Madison is noble shopping. Park is noble living. Lexington is normal shopping.
I walked up 2nd which is lined by restaurants and little shops for daily life. Delis, laundries, cleaners, shoemakers, hairdressers and the like. Towers become higher and more plain in the east. Old small buildings appear in between the highrisers and in the side streets. The further north the more chaotic it looks.
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Yorkville has long been a neighborhood with lots of Germans. I passed Heidelberg restaurant and Schaller & Weber selling German groceries and stuff.
I walked over to the East River and read the other story in Carl Schurz Park, looking at Astoria and the northern end of Roosevelt Island.

My stomach started to growl. None of the restaurants on 2nd Avenue had really caught my attention. So I took the crosstown bus on 86th street over to Columbus Avenue on the West Side. I remembered there were lots of nice eating places there. I felt like something Asian and I wanted to sit outside. I walked down Columbus to 79th Street. Lots of restaurants but no available seats. Amsterdam then. There I found what I was looking for and had a Thai green curry. Sitting there I thought about the differences between the Upper East and West Sides. Apart from that everything is and looks a bit more expensive on the East Side much more dogs live there. Every eastsider seems to have a dog. While westsiders sit in cafés and restaurants eastsiders walk their dogs. I like dogs. But I think I would prefer the westside life.

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