Second day in class

Again my leg as well as the rest of my due homework prevented me from walking. I really felt like finally strolling through Central Park –still haven’t been there on this trip – but I needed to finish the critique thing and I did not trust my leg even if it felt better today after all the ice cubes and lying in bed with the leg elevated on a couple of pillows.
So this post is about my writing class mainly and may not be so interesting for my non writing readers. Sorry! I do hope I can provide experiences and discoveries again soon.

Again I was the first to arrive, although I came later than last week. The classroom was still locked so I waited outside. Prachee was the first to join me. She remembered my name and wanted to know where I come from. I have a charming Accent, she said. She is from Bombay – she said Bombay, not Mumbai – and has lived in New York for 15 years. She wanted to know how it is for me to write in a language that is not my native one. Well, writing is easier than understanding.
Today’s lecture was about plot. The teacher developed the standard plot model with us and showed some variations. There were no writing exercises this time. We just set up a plot with a series of conflicts together. It was about a young guy who wanted to become a Dentist. Would he achieve this target and how? We started with a dental surgery in a back alley and a patient dying from it. The cnnot could not go to dental school because there is none  he has access to. He gets adopted and now could go to that School but his new parents want him to become a lawyer. He lies to his parents but then needs a transscript. He bribes the attractive registrar. Right before his graduation the police arrests him because of the backalley surgery and he goes to jail.
Then we had to deliver our homework that we will get back commented next week.
The biggest part was the “sample booth” about the given story. So everyone had to point out something he or she liked in the story and something that could have been done better. I was the second in the turn, so it was pretty easy to pick out my best items. Afterwards we had a discussion about the story where everybody could point our more things and ask questions. Most people liked the story.
Homework for next week is set up a plot having at least six points like Opening, Major Dramatic Question, Conflicts, Crisis, and Climax. We will have to describe the six points and how they go together, again on one page.
Three students delivered a text to be “boothed” next week. So I will have to read these (42 pages all in all) and write a letter of critique to each of them.
As the lecture again was pretty short I want to read the chapter about plot in the Gotham book and as optional reading for the plot subject he recommended a short story: “Going for the Orange Julius” by Myla Goldberg.
Because this is not enough to do I will have to start my own story that I will have to deliver in just two weeks from now (5-15 pages).
I will have to get up earlier and reserve two hours per day for homework to get all of this done in time.
I remember I had thought about taking two classes in one term…
My understanding was better today. Don’t know why, but I’m happy about it.

What I learned today:
Salami here is not what we call Salami in Europe. It is not raw and dried but cooked somehow. At least that is what it looks and tastes like. It is more like what in Germany we call “Wurst”.

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2 Responses to Second day in class

  1. Sadie says:

    Hi Maria, I just read “Going for Orange Julius” online to see what your assignment was like. It made me so angry and so sad. I’ll definitely have to read more by Myla Goldberg. (Does that sound like I enjoy feeling angry and sad?) xox

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