My leg has turned worse. Now not only the shin feels like having crashed against something but the ankle is swollen. But ok, I needed to do my homework anyway. So I finally wrote my character description and then left for at least a little walk in my most comfortable walking shoes.

I walked north on Lenox Avenue – or Malcolm X Boulevard – where I had come from the subway on Saturday. Most of Harlem’s avenues and wide streets carry two names. The original one and a second one referring to somebody important in Harlem’s history. Many stands selling CDs or hats or yellow and pink lemonade out of huge containers are lining the sidewalk there.
I was heading towards St. Nicholas Historic District around 138th and 139th streets, aka Strivers’ Row. Some houses on 138th have private roads at the side, where servants parked the carriages and you are still asked to walk your horses. Today big cars are parked there.
??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????  Horses ???????????????????????????????
Surrounding streets as well show beautiful Brownstones
and – like everywhere in Harlem – lots of churches. Among them the huge and well known Abyssinian Baptist Church.
I did not mange much more than an hour then I hobbled home and put an ice cube on my ankle. The bandage I had wrapped around my shin had not helped at all.
But I had to go out again. I needed groceries for breakfast and I had to get my homework printed out. I went to the Harlem branch of the library to do so. They do have about 10 PCs to work at and one printer. All PCs were busy. I asked a library guy how I could use the printer. He asked me if I had a reservation for a PC. Of course I had not, but I had brought my laptop and a data stick with the file on it. He told me what the standard procedure was. I had to get a copy card, put money on it and then could use it for copies and prints. He realized my need however and kindly offered to print my one page on his computer from my stick.
Back home I sat down on the porch for a while, waiting for Ettice who had forgotten her keys, being heavily attacked by mosquitos. Why did I buy that insect repellant?
After Ettice had arrived I applied another ice-pack to my ankle and read the story to critique on once again. I still have to write down my goods and bads tomorrow.
When my ankle was close to frozen I went for dinner. Sylvia’s was today’s choice, Harlem’s most famous soul food restaurant, three blocks down on Lenox. Just two outside tables were occupied. Apparently Monday is a good day for restaurants that tend to be crowded on other days. I had grilled catfish with collard greens and candied yams. Delicious!

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One Response to Handicapped

  1. Sadie DeSimone says:

    Dinner sounds yummy. Real soul food. Hope the ankle is better! Xoxo

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