Winnie the Pooh

When I looked out of the window this morning there was no sun. It was dreary but not raining. I stepped out onto the roof deck and – uuh – it was cold. Just 23° Celsius. Ok, no complaints. It had been too hot the last days. And I hadn’t planned any excursions anyway except bringing the neighborhood book back to Midtown Manhattan Library and have a look at the exhibition “Why Children’s Books matter” in the Central Library. And as it is not far away finally have a close look at Chrysler Building.

After breakfast I first listened to the radio for a while – for my understanding. Then I read a Joyce Carol Oates story (Where are you going, where have you been?) recommended for character description by the good teacher. Impressive story!
Then I carefully read the critique tips for my class and went through the other story bit by bit. That was good. I did find positive and negative aspects this way. I did not manage to go through the whole story, but at least about a third of it.

At about 2 pm I decided to go out and just as I was ready to leave it started raining. I waited a while, continuing my list of food places, but it did not stop. So I took the umbrella and decided not to walk across the bridge but take the train to LIC. But first of all I needed a new Metrocard. I walked along Manhattan towards Greenpoint Avenue station and checked the shops along the street. The Polish money transfer place does sell Metrocards. I went in. The very blond woman was still busy with another customer. When he had left, she addressed me – in Polish. I told her I wanted a 30 day Metrocard – in English. She could speak English and explained that she had thought I am Polish because I look Polish. That again…

I got off at Grand Central and walked down to the food concourse first to get a little late lunch snack. I found a stand selling Hot Dogs and Knishes and bought a Potato Knish. Was good.
Then I stepped out onto 42nd street and looked for the Chrysler building that should be more or less next door. I was wondering why I never had come across it before, it is a big building at last. When I stood in front of it, I knew why. At street level it is just a building. A pharmacy market and a bank are in the ground floor. Even if you look up you can only suspect what is up there. You cannot see the stunning top when you are standing next to the building at street level. That’s why I never had noticed it. I walked into the lobby and had a look at the red Moroccan marble walls and the yellow Siena marble floor. It is impressive and gives a warm feeling.

Next I returned my book and walked over to the Schwarzman Building to see the Children’s Books. There was Alice in Wonderland, Mary Poppins, Eloise, Andersen’s and Grimms’ fairy tales, Struwwelpeter, Harry Potter and – in a glass case – the original Winnie the Pooh animals. Gorgeous! Old shabby plush toys, not the ones we know.

All the times I had been in Midtown so far – mainly for library business – I had avoided it. Today I walked over to Times Square. It’s not fun! It is crowded, construction is going on, Disney figures are walking around to be photographed with you for a tip, aggressive vendors try to sell bus tours and theater tickets. It is a tourist place. Maybe it is better in the morning. I will check it out – but that means I will have to get up early.

What I learned today:
Winnie the Pooh is not yellow.

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2 Responses to Winnie the Pooh

  1. Anne says:

    Hi Maria – you have such a lot of energy – you do so much that sometimes reading your blog makes me feel a little bit lazy. I read the Charles Wu story – at least it was short!

  2. Martin Vollmer says:

    The Disney Corp. stole our heritage but not our memories. Throw those sugarsweet creations of unifomity into the bin, where Barbie and Ken already are.
    Here´s a little reminder of the original Winnie the Pooh illustrations:

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