Work, Lunch, Shopping and Rain

I had a workday today. First I prevented myself from being creative by doing laundry, vacuuming my room and answering emails. But when I started I was quite productive. I analyzed the neighborhood book, took notes about structure and content and thought about structure and content for my book project.

I had lunch in Café Bogotá and a nice chat with the young woman there. She asked me what had brought me to Greenpoint and said she liked Greenpoint far better than Williamsburg. I asked her why and she told me that Greenpoint is more a neighborhood. People know each other and it is real, not a show. It is an upcoming neighborhood and new people are coming to Greenpoint constantly. Williamsburg, she said, is a show and is touristy.

Back home and at work I got a phone call. It was Gloria, a New York woman Kim had met last weekend and had thought we could meet. We chatted for a while and agreed to meet on Tuesday. I am pretty excited.

In the late afternoon I decided I had worked enough for today and left for Manhattan to get some necessary summer clothes and Time Out magazine. I walked to Long Island City and took the 7 train to 5th Avenue to walk down to 34th Street, where I had seen some promising stores yesterday. I finally bought a light dress and a top and am much better equipped for , summer heat now. But when I left the store there was no more summer heat. It was pouring heavily. New York summer weather apparently is extreme. Either it is hot or it is raining.

I got pretty drenched on my way home from the subway. My room was flooded again because of course I had left the window open. As I had put on dry clothes and mopped up the water, the rain stopped and the sun came out again. So I either should have shopped a little bit longer or have patience and wait at the subway until the rain stopped. But who knows in advance when it will stop.

What I learned today:
I can download Kindle Books and read them without having a Kindle. With just a Kindle App I can use my laptop and even my sweet little smartphone as a Kindle. It works!

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One Response to Work, Lunch, Shopping and Rain

  1. Sadie DeSimone says:

    Hi Maria, you might check out Robert Caro’s book, The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York. Highly acclaimed. Many awards. Xoxo

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