Manhattan Isolated

My plan for today was to go to Manhattan for a walk. I had not decided yet where to walk. So I was having breakfast with my laptop and my guidebooks, browsing ideas. I needed to have a proper lunch somewhere because I would not be able to cook today – Nichole and Micah had cleaned the stove (good idea) and now the upper parts were missing. After my walk I planned to go to NYPL to get me a Library Card and have a look at its rare copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, displayed for just three days until Wednesday.
When I looked out of the window Manhattan had disappeared. Suddenly it started raining. Pouring to be precise. The roofdeck had become a pool. Soon my phone was beeping. I had received a flood alarm. Should I really go to Manhattan? Have a work day instead? And lunch at Bogotá?

When I entered my room, I saw the mess. The rain had come in through the open windows. My shoes, that I had placed there to get fresh air, were soaked, the curtains and the sofa were wet, and puddles were spreading on the floor. While I hurried to the pantry to find something to mop up the water, I realized that my windows were not the only open ones. All windows were open. So first of all I struggled to close them all. Hard work, because some were not really accessible. I wondered if they ever got closed.
Manhattan hat come back when I had wiped dry all window sills and mopped up the floors. But it was still raining. So I decided not to go out – not yet – and write some emails and do some research instead.

It was after 1 pm when I finally left, still not really knowing where to go. Maybe just to the library. But get a lunch first. Bogotá Café turned out to be closed for some repair today. So no Columbian lunch special. All of a sudden Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop, that old-fashioned sandwich place near Madison Square Park, popped into my mind. I would have lunch there and see if the Flatiron Building was still standing.
I took the G train down to Williamsburg and changed to the L at Lorimer Street. The train arrived, but did not leave the station. After a while the standard message “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are delayed because of train traffic ahead of us” was given. Finally the train did move. At least to the next stop, Bedford Avenue, the last one in Brooklyn. There, again, it stayed standing. The same message could be heard. It just took longer this time. The train did not move. Another Manhattan bound train arrived – on the Brooklyn bound platform -, honking loudly. All passengers on that train left and pushed into the one I was in. Nevertheless it did not move and the same message was given again and again. I knew now that something was wrong. Maybe the tunnel was flooded. That would be a perfect explanation. Manhattan was isolated!

I left the train and stepped out onto Bedford Avenue to check out lunch places there. It was past 2 pm now and I was really hungry. I ended up in an Asian place where I had Spicy Szechuan Shrimps and  Thai Iced Tea with something creamy white in it. Coconut cream? Was good. I was sitting right in the open window and could watch people passing by. I learned that I will have to buy a pair of fancy rain boots. New Yorkers wear them with everything. Summer dress and rain boots are fine.
I could have continued my Williamsburg walk, but I did not have the book with me. So I just bought groceries – Guacamole and corn chips for dinner, cream cheese and bagels for breakfast – and took the bus home.

There I spent the rest of the day reading and googling and had some controversies with Booboo, who again found her way up into my bed and after being pushed down fiercely tried to get into my suitcase. No idea what she was dreaming of to find there.

I found out that there is a Jewish Walking Tour in Williamsburg every Sunday. Will go for it this Sunday – already my last one in Greenpoint. Next I will have to find out, is what foreigners like me are supposed to do in NYC on 4th of July, just three days from now.

What I learned today: Rain can cause serious problems in NY. Tunnels and lofts are apparently not waterproof. I will need a list “What to do on a rainy day”.

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One Response to Manhattan Isolated

  1. Kathrin Grossniklaus says:

    In NY it’s raining cats and Dogs and in the west there are fires and destructions, apparently 19 Firemen died! We here in Switzerland are still hoping for long sunny spell. At the Moment the sky is blue and the sun is shining so let’s hope we’re in for a wonderful day.

    It seems that NY Windows are not like European Windows!

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