Two Weeks’ Review

It’s unbelievable – two weeks of my stay in NYC are already over. I haven’t been here for more than two weeks ever.

So it is time for a first review.

What I like in NYC:
• Multiethnic and multicultural spot
• Great architecture of all kind
• People are very friendly
• People are very creative
• Cheap but tasty eats from all around the world
• Great bookstores

What I don’t like in NYC (oh yes, there are some assets):
• People don’t turn off their cars when they are waiting for whatever
• Condition of some subway stations, especially those on my local G Train
• Exaggerated air conditioning
• Midtown rush hour
• Tons of plastic bags (“no bag please” has become one of my most used phrases)

What I bought so far:
• A smartphone
• 1 dress
• 1 skirt
• 1 pair of sneakers
• 1 pair of slippers
• 1 hair dryer
• 5 books

I walked several neighborhoods, took plenty of notes and 539 photos, collected information from magazines, online articles and emails. But I have to organize all this information or it will get lost or end up in chaos.

I did not write anything except my daily blog posts (which do take a lot of time).
So from now on I will establish at least one work day per week, to file my collected information, organize photos, work on my neighborhoods project, do research and read (that’s work for wannabe writers). Maybe I will need another work day when my writing class is starting.
On work days I will not go out for walking tours. I may go out for essential shopping (like groceries), for having lunch or dinner or a drink and for library visits. And of course I may go out for a night event after a day of hard work. I will not set a fixed weekday, but use rainy days if there are any.
My first work day is today (it is not raining, but pretty cloudy).

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