Downtown Wandering

This will not be a long post because not much happened. I was lazy and I was thinking.
I started the day with a little adventure. I got my eyebrows threaded. Never did this before, that’s why I call it an adventure. It was a quick and cheap procedure. I collected all my courage, walked into the shop, had to wait for about 5 minutes and about 10 more minutes later it was over. The young Hispanic girl had done a good job. I liked what I saw in the mirror and it really is less painful than plucking.

Then I travelled all the way to Downtown Manhattan to get a look at the new One World Trade Center. The tower is completely built up but on the top a crane is till busy doing whatever. It cannot be visited yet. The area is still a huge construction site.
I got distracted by Century 21 a designer retail department store right next to WTC. I had been there before but I never took the time to really look around. Today I had the feeling that I can afford two hours browsing through clothes and shoes. That is new and tells me I started to understand that I am not here as a tourist on a limited time budget. I will spare you the details of my attempts to buy a skirt. It is all about my inability to make a decision if it is not leading to a perfect result.

When I finally found my way out again, I looked for the 9/11 memorial. I learned that I either need an online pass or I have to spend a lot of time standing in line. I decided not to stand in line and join the crowd but get an online pass next time I come down here.
I walked over to Battery Park Esplanade – which is really, really nice and quite popular . Had a Pretzel from a street vendor and walked north towards Tribeca. I think our Pretzels are better, but it was my first one here. So they still can improve.
Walking along Hudson River I was thinking about my whereabouts. I am still acting like a tourist. What I need is a project to work on seriously. First step could be to set up a checklist about what to find out about a neighborhood I am exploring. And a list of neighborhoods to explore from where. Literary and historic walks I am planning to follow. Shows I want to see, Museums I want to visit (one a week), Events I plan to attend. Get to know what is going on, what is coming up.
Finally I am not her just for fun. I no longer can use the excuse of having no time for not writing . Still I don’t have a specific idea what I want to write about – except something about neighborhoods. Planning is required! Any advice from people who know what I’m talking about is welcome!

I walked into Tribeca to find the Mysterious Bookshop – mentioned last night. A bookshop just for crime fiction. It is quite big and shelves need a good ladder. But if you do not know what you are looking for, you are lost. I asked for crime novels set in today’s New York – and learned that this seems to be a market gap. If New York would be in Germany and all its writers along, there would be plenty of local crime books. Not so here. We found just one author that might be what I was looking for. I left the shop with a book from a series by Alafair Burke – never heard of before.
I walked over to South Street Seaport, crossing beautiful City Hall Park at a time when people are leaving their offices. Some hurry to their trains, some go shopping, some have a drink, others sit in a park. South Street Seaport however was a surprise. Whatever is going on there, something is going to change. The shops are gone! Currently a movie stage has been built up in front of the former mall. But no information about what is going on. Something more to find out!

I finally took the train home via Downtown Brooklyn. Made a stop at the cheese and beer shop Nichole had recommended on Manhattan Avenue and got a pretty expensive upstate NY beer, recommended by the shopkeeper. The store is amazing. They have plenty of beers from everywhere. Lots of Belgian stuff, German Weizenbier, even a Koelsch-style American beer.

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4 Responses to Downtown Wandering

  1. Kathrin Grossniklaus says:

    Paul Auster’s novels are set in NY, but he’s not my favourite author, so I can’t really recommend him, can I?
    Your pic Shows that the Trade Center has ‘grown’. When we were there in spring it looked quite different. Go and have a looke at the 9/11 Memorial when you have time – it’s impressive and worth it. I still remember the tree there, which survived it all, is so amazing.

  2. Meredith Russell says:

    I think Ed McBain books take place in New York except he calls the city something else. He’s written many, many of them. I’m loving the blog.

  3. Andrea says:

    Hi Maria,
    first of all in the evening, I ask my weather App, what is the weather like tomorrow. Now, at first, I check Maria-News. I like your stories. Great! Lg Andrea

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