Walking the High Line

I had breakfast on the roof deck with Albert at my feet, longing for being caressed. Booboo was not to be seen, Sophie was with us no longer. Did I mention Sophie? I think I didn’t. Sophie is a little dog and she was „petsitted“ by my hosts during the weekend. At first she was very shy. Then Saturday night when I was writing my blog post at the dining table while Nichole and Micah were out, she was lying next to my feet and whenever I got up to fetch something she was following me. When I told Nichole the next day, she said that poor Sophie had been a breeding dog for years and their friends had saved her when she was no longer able to have puppies. It had been very difficult with her in the beginning and now she could not stand being left alone. Poor thing.

It was pretty hot in the morning already and somehow the day felt like a City day. I decided to walk the High Line and later on have a walk through Hell’s Kitchen where I never had been to before. When I looked at the subway map to find out how I could get to Gansevoort Street where the High Line now starts, I realized that I could squeeze in a short walk through good old Greenwich Village to check out the Risotto place I am invited to and to have a look at the school, where my writing class will take place. So I took the B62 Bus down to Williamsburg and the M train to Washington Square.

Even on weekdays and even in Brooklyn buses are not the fastest means of transport. The B62 slowly rolls down Manhattan Avenue, then along Driggs and turns into Broadway. I got off at Roebling to catch the M at Marcy Avenue, where Trains run elevated. I didn’t pay attention and entered the wrong platform. Having noticed my mistake I knew I would not be able to get in again on the other side immediately. My Metrocard would be blocked for I don’t know how long. I had made the same mistake before in SoHo. I walked around a bit but there is not so much to see along Marcy. So I went up at the other side and as expected my card failed. I tried three times than I addressed the station manager and she kindly opened the special entrance for wheelchairs and strollers for me.
On the platform a group of young Jewish mothers, all with babies were sitting, all wearing black and all wearing the same fancy head cover. It was something between a hat and a headscarf, like a headscarf fixed to form a hat. It was cream silk and had colorful imprints of plants. It didd not look like it had to be wrapped every day but you just put it on.

When you get to Manhattan via Williamsburg Bridge, you pass a huge area of projects on the Lower East Side. From the Manhattan Side I had never perceived the size of it. Horrible!

When I got off the train at Washington Square I had no idea what exit to take. All I knew was I needed 6th Avenue south. Of course I took the wrong exit and got out on the wrong side. Walking through Mc Dougall I came across Caffe Reggio, a well-known literary café. I resisted the temptation to start with a coffee without having done anything so far.
Bleecker Street brought up memories. I found Greenwich Village Bistro on the Corner of Carmine Street where I had sat years ago in September, when I had stayed in Larchmont Hotel, til late without a jacket or cardigan. It was a very hot night.
I sidestepped into Cornelia Street where everything was still in place except the Cuban Place where I had dinner last time. I came across Joe’s Pizza, Ottomanelli & Sons and Murray’s Cheese Shop where we had been on the Food Tour. The Risotteria looked inviting, the menu mouthwatering. On my way to the school I thought it would have been stupid not to choose the class in the Village. So I had a reason to come here once a week for at least 10 weeks.
The school is the Village Community School, is close to Hudson River Park and looks pretty new.

Hudson River Park is a thin strip of green between West Avenue and Hudson River. I said hello to New Jersey and walked north til its end. The High Line now starts in the Meatpacking District at Gansevoort Street. It has become really beautiful, especially in the first part, where trees and plants now have grown and make it really green. A lot of artwork has been added.
??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????
I made a stop at Chelsea Market to see if the Fat Witch Bakery is still there. It is. I got myself a tuna sandwich and a Snapple from a Deli Grocery and sat among those New Yorkers having their lunch break on the High Line. Art students were sitting on benches painting something and Japanese women were carrying umbrellas to protect them against the beaming sun. Looking at other people I realized that I would not only have to buy winter clothes when it starts to get cold but summer clothes now. I’m bad equipped for this kind of summer and it has not even begun.
At 23rd Street I wanted to make a second stop to see what has become of the Empire Diner. I tried to take the elevator, but it was out of service due to Hurricane Sandy (last fall).
The Diner is out of business. This is so sad. It has been a New York landmark for so many years (and food was good).
Empire Diner alt ???????????????????????????????
When I reached the current end of the High Line at 30th street all of a sudden it started to rain accompanied by heavy wind. I thought a moment what to do and checked my subway map. The closest subway was Penn Station at 34th street. When I heard the first thunder I hurried there to get home (my umbrella did not stand the heavy wind). When I got off the train in Greenpoint the sun was out again and only the wet street told me it had been raining here as well.

So the day ended early. I went out for shopping groceries again later, and then sat on the roof deck to read The Great Gatsby.

What I learned today: New York weather can change very quickly and spoil plans.

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5 Responses to Walking the High Line

  1. Kathrin Grossniklaus says:

    Dear Maria,
    thank you for your guided tours through NY. It’s fun to read your Blog first thing in the morning!
    I’m looking forward to reading your Blogs when you will be attending CW classes.
    Keep on writing!
    PS My spell checker underlines every word when I reply to your blog, but I don’t think my spelling is soooooo bad, it’s probably because of the German spell checker! What is more, it very often changes the first letter of a word to a capital letter and I have to go back and rewrite it – so, I’m sorry if my writing comes across as ‘muddled’, These are the pitfalls of Technology! See – the lower case letter of Technology changed to a capital T.

    • mmoenius says:

      Dear Kathrin,
      don’t worry, my spellchecker does exactly the same! It underlines nearly every word I write and changes to capitals as well. Although I changed the Standard language to English already 😦
      So I am writing my Posts in Word now and copy them afterwards.
      Glad you enjoy my blog. My class will start July 9th.
      Love, Maria

    • Martin says:

      “Shouldn´t we always spell Technology with a capital T? I mean, taking into account what we´ve gained from it. Maria´s blog for instance.
      Or as we hear in the very beginning of the wonderful “You´ve got mail” movie (Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks): “Name me one thing that we gain from technology.” – “Electricity?” – “That´s one!”

  2. Martin says:

    “When you get to Manhattan via Williamsburg Bridge, you pass a huge area of projects on the Lower East Side. From the Manhattan Side I had never perceived the size of it. Horrible!”

    It really is. I got lost there, the other day. And I told you. (And you must have seen it from the “Around Manhattan Cruise” line – or whatever it is called.)

    • mmoenius says:

      It is called “Circle Line” and yes, you are right, I must have seen it then. But I didn’t know Manhattan then and had no idea about ist neighborhoods. What I mean is that I have not seen it on my varius strolls through the Lower East Side.

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